Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Just take us to a gay bar where we can leave all our troubles behind

Katherine, Annie, Jess, Lil & I were scheming about it, Hunter taking us to a gay bar I mean. We want to go Goodwill shopping, pick out some crazy amazing outfits, and then go partying. Katherine's doing some research tonight. Hunter was down with it...except he said that there's absolutely no way that we'll get in. Eh well. It will happen one day.

Kai doing my makeup before a show. I miss this girl.

This is for you, Emmy. I saw you blogged a bit about blue Sephora nail polish and whatdayaknow? I had some right on my bedside table. And since I knew you had missed out on seeing my gorgeous face due to your sick self, this just seemed like the perfect thing to do!
(Photo by Reinhard Prosch entitled “Banana Transport”)
So, the men’s backs are turned and I kind of want to hijack this car. Like really. Pack in a couple of friends and drive into the afternoon, just a yellow dot on the road. And if I get hungry? Simple. Grab a banana.
I am uber uber tired. Like, I could sleep for a month tired. So I'm going to do a pointless math sheet about ellipses or minor axies or something similar that hard as I try, I really can't bring myself to care about, attempt some chem problems, write a poem, perhaps eat some rice pudding, take a shower, AND GO TO BED.
Hope everyone's Tuesday was less tiring than mine!
See ya kids later,


Cori H. said...

Hey sylv :)

absolutely agree on the banana truck thing. I would definitely hijack that car just to be seen driving it around [despite the fact that I'm horribly allergic to bananas. :\]

anyways, I just remembered that you asked for my blog, so here it is/they are:



luv ya loads :)~Cori

shakeupmylife13 said...

check it out brah.


told you i'd remember. i'm going to bed now.
adieu dearest sylvia!

much love,