Monday, March 2, 2009

Fashion Frostbite

So my hands took about a year to thaw, but what can I say? I've been in a photoshoot mood for the past couple of weeks...well really, for the past 15 years and 349 days of my life. (THAT'S RIGHT, my birthday is in 16 days, baby! Skirts, dresses, accessories, plane tickets, and cash will be accepted.) Anyway, today my theme, being frozen? getting in trouble for tracking snow through the house? slipping on the floor because I forgot that I had put my left shoe on my right foot and my right shoe on my left foot and apparently that doesn't make for very good traction? Well, anyway, decide for yourself...

Skirt: Hand down from Mom, she wore it when she departed for her honeymoon (a road trip to Canada)

Leotard: From Attitude Dancewear, originally purchased for the jitter bug (or the 'bug jig' as I like to call it) in Wizard of Oz

Scarf: Courtesy of one really funny street vendor man in New York City

Necklace: Magnetic from Trinkets & Treasures

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