Monday, March 30, 2009

Early Morning Dress Up, Circus, National Treasure 2, & Savages...What A Day

Last night I went to a poetry/song reciting fest of fun where my friend, Ginger was performing a song she wrote. She was excellent, as were many of the others. After, she and our other friends, Jenny and Haley, went back to her house for a sleepover. When I got home the next morning, I had to quickly get ready to do a photoshoot with Hunter, Meg, and Kelsey. Then Hunter picked up Katie and dropped me and her off at Orem's (local diner) for lunch. We had french toast and sausage and it was thoroughly delicious (though unfortunately I forgot to take a picture.) Then Katie came back to my house for some guitar playing, singing, National Treasure 2 watching fun. At 7:40, her dad picked us up and I got dropped off at Sabrina's for a Disney movie get together with her and Lutz. It was a-see-lots-of-people day! Which is always welcome. And of course everything was documented.

At Gingah's (Morning dress-up)

On location shoot.
Hunter with a bit of my heart umbrella. Gotta love the photographer. (:

Hunter was working with Kelsey and I was taking pictures of Meg, so it was nice to get them both in a shot in the end.

Then Hunter had to start using my camera ^^

I haven't been through all of the ones he took of me yet, but it was a fun shoot to do!

Katie and I wanted a picture together but decided we both looked too not-photo-ready to take a shot of anything other than our feet.

Then to Sab's to watch...AHHH! Not a flattering angle. "He would ask me to delete this one if he were here."
Decided we looked her haircut.

Grandmother Willow!

Ahh so symbolic! Savages is one of my favorite songs.
Anywho, I have no clue why I stayed up so late doing this. I have to catch a train in approximately six hours. The city tomorrow! And believe me, you will see the results of my adventure. Good night to all!


Stacy said...

the heart umbrella is adorable.

Mary said...

I LOOOVE these pictures, they're so whimsical and fantastic, the brought colours look great with the muted background

and thanks for the dickens quote, I agree with everything you said in that comment. Empathy, not apathy! jeez people, get it right..

Jenna said...

OH MYYYY those pictures are so gorgeous! I loooove that big rock thing. I want one!
And...I must say, that man is kind of delish in that hat...
POCAHONTAS! Whooo great movie, but I always cry at the end.

Pansieberry said...

i'm not sure exactly what that rock is, but it's amazing! i'm sure that photoshoot was a ton of fun!