Saturday, May 30, 2009

Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Monday, May 25th: Memorial Day

The morning started with a lovely breakfast of cheerios.

Being the good mother that I am, I shared with Jackie.

After picking up my instrument from the school, I headed down to the town center where the band was meeting to march and play in the Memorial Day parade.

Three flutes, two clarinets, and one bass clarinet.

Two of the sweetest men you'll meet, Glenn the bag pipe player and the Grand Marshal!
Sarah made us delicious patriotic cupcakes!
Wednesday, May 27th: Pops Concert

Becky and I got ready together before the 'Pops' Concert in which the main musical groups at our school play one or two songs. We played a Porgy & Bess medley--composed of songs I now totally adore. Other performances included a movie montage of Jaws, Jurassic Park, Terms of Endearment, and other classic soundtracks, Bridge Over Troubled Water, and an amazing rendition of the Beatles song, Because. Emmy and Annie were two of the people singing in the women's choir who made 'Because' the best song of the evening.
Friday, May 29th: Initiation
Speaking of the fabulous Annie, she came over yesterday so we could finish our DIY project. We didn't finish, but we had a lovely photoshoot and watched the ever fantastic Project Runway. After we went to Jess's house to watch The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which I had never seen but found excellently ridiculous, with about 6 friends.

Annie and KP, my neighbor.
I'm like one of those ducks who flaps his wings but can't keep his balance. This duck like moment captured by Annie.
Hooray for self timer!
Annie is definitely a favorite of my many gorgeous models, so naturally there were many more photos featuring her photogenic self. I emailed them to her, so more documentation of her fabulous outfit might be cropping up on her blog sometime soon!
Well my mom is very irritable due to the fact that she is struggling to make a corsage for my brother's prom date. And I think she might just be about to take off my head, so I think I'll go take these moments to study chem before they head off--(I'm going along so I can take some pictures of Tim, his girlfriend, and the very troublesome corsage.)
Have a lovely Saturday!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tie Dying & Raving With Richard Simmons

Our Friday afternoon entailed...
getting back in touch with scootering,
dance aerobics,

getting out balls (that are not meant to be used as basketballs) from a hoop with a tripod,



"abstract" posing,

basketball ballet,

more dancing,

more dancing x2,

racing Lineth,

beating Lineth (well, ahem, I suppose it's debatable who the winner really was),
failed jumping pictures,
self timer galore,

color accents,

self timer fails,
more abstraction and surprise poses,
Jackie on a platter,
posing with Jackie,
more posing with Jackie (because after all, he's everyone's favorite bird),
Gossip Girl covers,
sabotaging pictures,
sleepiness in the garden,
moody shots,
gorgeous sunlight,
Lily's laughing,
many arms,

Phew! Long list and even more that was not documented but was just as glorious, including cheeseburgers and shellfish shaped grilled cheese, tie dying, sweating to the oldies with Richard Simmons, raving, mosquito bites, and M&M cookies. It was a fantastic day, and I think we all agreed to make it the start of a tradition. The 50s next time, anyone?
I'm off to collapse into my bed for a very deep sleep before I even think about starting homework. Light load tonight though, thankfully.
P.S THANKS to the ever incredible, Annie for the
It made me beyond happy, and I would say the same times three million about her blog! Thanks again :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

"I still don't see how you glued your hat on, Harry. I mean, I know you say you didn't, but obviously, you did."

Purple cardigan: H&M, Tank Top: Urban Behavior? Headband, the top drawer of my dresser, Shoes: Payless, Skirt: saved from the costume room trash bin at the high school by my mom

Fighting brick walls. It's a passion. Thankfully captured by Lil.

"Well some of these are going to be...abstract."
--above photos (except fighting brick wall crime) by Becky

I snapped these two of Lily and realized again how much she looks like Allison from America's Next Top Model.
Some highlights from Thursday
--had elections for the Little Theater Club with a slightly sad outcome but some funny speeches
--went to the gym and did some conditioning with Katie involving weights, hula hoping, and jump roping
--walked to the local deli. On the way, Katie realized she had dropped the 10 dollars I had given her 10 minutes prior. We started to double back then decided we should continue on and search on our way back.
--reached the deli and bought a three dollar (*#(@#(@!!) fruit salad with the quarters, dimes, and nickels I was keeping in a Hubba Bubba Tape case. Albeit, the fruit was delicious…but three dollars!?!? And it was the size of half of my index finger.
--headed back and by some strange miracle, found the formerly lost 10 dollars in the grass by the road. We felt very accomplished.
--Becky joined Katie and I in an intensely fun Zumba dance class
--went home and ate cheeseburgers and salad with my family
--watched Matilda and as always, loved it. Who doesn’t love Miss Honey? And I love the clips at the end—they both look so happy. I looked to post a video of the song, but I ended up finding a fan video that combined another thing that I love!

I’ve had a fantastic weekend so far which has included an 80s tribute day with my four best friends, Richard Simmons, and vest making with Annie. Pictures will soon follow!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday,