Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's A Miracle: Math Made Fun!

Annie and I had a fabulous afternoon--spent thrift store shopping, passion tea lemonade drinking, and Paris/travel discussing. We both had some beautiful finds though I know, I know, I must stay away. I feel like Harry Potter. I must not tell lies. Except, I must not try on one more outfit and then feel unrelenting desire to purchase. Anywho, it doesn't look like we're going to stay away from the thrift store anytime soon. We have plans to make it a tradition, and we'll hopefully be heading out for Goodwill and smoothies on Memorial Day Weekend.

I must go shower/study/homework it up, but I leave you with this lovely mathematical (OXYMORON?!?) sentiment. It all started when I said to Annie (who treated me to the delicious Starbucks today), "I'll buy the drinks next time!" Then I thought, huh, sounds kind of like I'm picking her up at a bar. And well, little known fact, I'm obsessed with pick up lines. And since I know she loves math...well, google did its work and I found...this piece of loveliness...

"They integrated from the very point of origin. Her curves were continuous, and even though he was odd, he was a real number. The day their lines first intersected, they became an ordered pair. From then on it was a continuous function. They were both in their prime, so in next to no time they were horizontal and parallel. She was awed by the magnitude of his perpendicular line, and he was amazed by her conical projections. "Bisect my angle!" she postulated each time she reached her local maximum. He taught her the chain rule as she implicitly defined the amplitude of his simple harmonic motion. They underwent multiple rotations of their axes, until at last they reached the vertex, the critical point, their finite limit. After that they slept like logs. Later she found him taking a right-handed limit, that was a problem, because it was an improper form. He meanwhile had realized that she was irrational, not to mention square. She approached her ex, so they diverged."
It's quite genius.
In another news, I really want to go inside and explore this house.
I feel like it should have a secret door, a library, and a really amazing attic complete with old photo albums and hats. Furthermore, I adore porches and would love to sit down with a nice pitcher of lemonade, a record player, and a really good storyteller.
All eye candy above courtesy of google images.
G'night all & dream well,

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Frock Around the Clock said...

Maths makes my brain hurt! Haha.. That house looks amazing - it's definately got loads of hats in the attic. This had made me want to go shopping loads but I am stuck in revising! Rubbish! :) x