Sunday, May 3, 2009

"You don't do drugs? Drink alcohol? No? There are worse addictions than buying too much at a flea market, sweetie."

^These were the words of the woman who totaled up my purchases at our town's annual "Minks to Sinks" sale. As she looked at the price on each taped on sticker, I said "My mom's gonna kill me, my mom's gonna kill me..." (Indeed, before I left for painting sets that morning, my mom brought me into my room and said, "Look around, Sylv." "I know mom, I'm sorry--I know it's messy..." "No, well yes, but besides that. You don't have room for anything. Keep that in mind today when you're looking around for stuff you're going to buy." "Oh, right. Okay...will do." I told Lily this and she tried to be my mom's concionsus...but it didn't always work out that well...When I remarked this to the cashier woman, she told me "You don't do drugs? Drink alcohol? No? There are worse addictions than buying too much at a flea market, sweetie." Suppose she's right. Anywho, here are are the results of a very fun day.


Outfit: Skirt: (borrowed from Bex's sister, Emily...I still don't think she knows...) Shoes: Payless, Yellow seater: TJ Maxx, Tank Top: New York & Company.

Katherine (in her fantastic new outfit) and Kobi (who later dropped her ice cream on the ground.)

Me, looking over my German record in the beautiful, comfortable, amazing plush chair that we all wanted.
Keith: "I want a pony and a rocket ship..."
Jake: "I'll show you a rocket ship."

She "doesn't like having her picture taken."

Jess and Kobi discussing this matter.

My purchases! 17 dollars in all for...
A teapot: I have a real thing for teapots. I'm working on my collection. In fact, I saw one when Lil and I first walked into the sale--a beautiful lilac one--and while we did skirt shopping, I said, "Should I get it? Should I call my mom and ask her?" Lily said, "Well, Sylv...if you really want it, I wouldn't ask your mom." Unfortunately, by the time we wandered back over, I was very sad to find out it had been taken. However, when I saw this forest green one, I thought, I'm not making the same mistake, and I snatched it up. (My mom didn't end up minding the purchase, or really any for that matter, being the lovely person she is! Besides, she expected her speech wouldn't stop me much from buying stuff.)
Two skirts: Lily literally had to drag me away from the skirt section after I decided I was buying them.
Orange earrings: Last minute add in for a dollar. Who could resist?
Three Cups of Tea: For 50 cents! YAY. Been wanting to read it for a while, too.
'Ein Abend auf der Heidi' record: Jess picked it out for me. I liked the cover. I added it to the bag.
Two pairs of shoes: Two dollars each. Again, who could resist?
London 2006 Book: With a pull out map!
Discovered the irony (and was very amused) of Three Cups of Tea and my new teapot!
Well, all in all, it was a very lovely day.
Now off to clean that horridly messy room of mine and make some space for my new buys.


Parapluie said...

Wonderful finds! No wonder you couldn't resist!

*** said...

Looks like you walked away with some stellar finds. Cute pics.

The Clothes Horse said...

You look cute. I like your cardigan. There are definitely worse things in life than being addicted to a good deal. :)

Kaycee said...

haha...the title of this post is entertaining =). and yeah, I agree with you on that matter.

Ellie said...

That lady sounds so ridiculously adorable. That's such a great quote.