Saturday, May 2, 2009

Honey, honey, food for the bees

Feeling like a Top Model on April 29

Shirt: birthday present from Julzes, skirt: Gap, tights: TJ Maxx, Shoes: Havaianas (birthday present from Allie)

Turtle earrings!
Thursday, April 30th

Oh hello!
Outfit on me: Red shoes: Joker from Germany, Shorts: Express, I believe? Mustardy top: Forever 21, Cardigan: TJ Maxx, "0% Plastic" Bag: Gap.

Photo of me and Miss Liberty courtesy Sar bear.

Sarah, me, and Lineth (Bex as the photographer)
View outside the library window. Jackie, Zoe, Claudia, Sarah G., Julia, and I gathered there for a little study sesh in preparation for our Merchant of Venice quiz. Not much was accomplished before I had to go off to theater rehearsal, but Julzes and Zoe filled us up on the gossip and we discussed the upcoming dances (and oh, the drama of it all.) I have pictures ready to go up from today's adventures at our town's annual "Minks to Sinks" flea market like sale, but I'll be posting tomorrow. Bye for now ;)

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