Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello Friends!

Hello, hello! So, I have news! I have MOVED location! I was experimenting with a new layout over here and realized that my archives were getting horribly messed up. I decided that all in all, it would be easier to move to a new blog address. I'm trying some new things over there, and I'm very excited! I hope you'll all give it a read!
I'll still of course refer back to this blog on my new one, and perhaps even post here sometimes for a true 'Walk A Mile In These Shoes' moment where I document someone else's life and chronicle a piece of their past...or maybe even literally take a walk in their shoes (I mean maybe I'll meet someone who will let me borrow their shoes and I can take them around my yard for a spin? Hmm, the possibilities!)
But anywho, I'm still fiddling around with fonts, colors, headers and such, but give it a look and perhaps stay, for you know, a cup of tea or something.
I'm sorry that this is all horribly scattered brained, but what can you expect--it's a Wednesday after all!
Well, hope to see you all here at On the Corner of Belleview soon!
Thanks, and hello and goodbye!
(Hey, now, I understand why the Beatles wrote that song...)

Monday, October 5, 2009


I never knew that the following two words could put so much misery into my life:

or for all I know, poison oak or sumac.
(the doctor wasn't sure: he said it could be any of the three.)

But whatever it is, it's itchy and it sucks. Anyway, it was spirit week in honor of homecoming which basically means being able to dress up like a fool and not get looked at like you're too crazy. So, to match my poison ivy and my irate mood last week, it was accordingly class color day. Which for some reason unbeknown to me (but sort of ironically) is red!

So, itchy itchy itchy...but still, I'm managing.

(And crossing my fingers that it will be gone soon!)
Annie's shirt, Forever 21 necklace, mom's skirt, gifted headband
Until then, long sleeves for me!
P.S I hyperlinked poison ivy for your benefit, dear reader, so you can visit the official poison ivy site and avoid the dreaded plant at all costs.
(You're welcome.)

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running Club

Once or twice a week, Lineth and I go for runs after school.
Unfortunately on Thursday we hadn't exactly planned for the sudden chill of fall weather and therefore couldn't quite bring ourselves to change from our warm layers into short sleeves and shorts.

So, to pep ourselves up for the freezingness, we opted to warm-up with a more aerobic routine! Who knew that playgrounds could provide so much exercise?

We try to put our game faces on...

...but really, we're just still little kids.

Basically the whole outfit was composed of clothes from my mom's past with the exception of TJ Maxx tights and a Stylish Wanderer astrology necklace. Lineth, Lil, Becky, Sarah, and I split the cost and we trade it around every week. To me, one of the best parts of our 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace' is feeling like I'm carrying something that has a history bigger than I even know. I love picturing the adventures our little necklace has with each of us, and of course seeing how each of us bring our own style to it is always really cool.
Just perfecting that hair flip, (you know, no big deal!)

The homecoming game was last night. The band, as always, was the best part. But sitting on the hill drinking huge one dollar cups full of hot apple cider courtesy of the Little Theater Club and cheering Lily rolling down the grass was a close second. The dance is tonight...I feel like it will be the same ol' routine as always, but who knows? It's been known to surprise in the past...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Every year, Lily, Sarah, Lineth and I go to the local 'Oyster Festival.' We buy expensive seafood, spend too much money on carnival rides, and listen to some wonderful music. The evening usually ends with funnel cake and dancing, (although we always seem to run out of time by the end.)

The first year The Village People (!) performed. It was ridiculous. Nearly everyone got up to do the YMCA.

It was then we realized that we were really awesome spellers.


The next year, we posed with people inside furry costumes and Sarah and I got some disappointing Sweedish meatballs.

Everyone got face paint that year. This guy managed to creep into the picture.
That year, Los Lonely Boys were playing. The guitar solos were amazing.
We ran into some friends who helped us spell out LLB's number one hit (or at least basically the only one we all knew) 'Heaven.'

But still, we had to end the evening spelling what we spelled best!

This year started like it usually does. We went to Lil's first to pick up everybody (with a quick interruption to meet the adorable new kitten next door!)

We saw some friends who had just gotten tattoos I very much approve of.
"Silly Lollipop Game?" Basically describes Lily. I told her she had to pose with the sign.
After much much MUCH (how do I stress this enough?) debate and discussion over which ticket deal would be the best, we got a sheet of 22 and shared them for the price of $20.
Third year tradition for Sar, Lineth, and me to ride the Cliff Hanger, second year tradition for Lil.
The Ferris Wheel was a must.

We walked off the ferris wheel like royalty, waving to our fans.
Well, of course he had to creep into the picture again this year, too!
Confused as to what any of us are? I would give you big money if you got all of us right. Here, I (the fire breathing tiger...I told the guy to do whatever he wanted--I feel like they get bored with doing the same old thing so I told him my face was his canvas) am attacking Lineth, (the bloodied up zebra.) But that's what you thought...right?

I think this was post Lineth's fish-winning. She wanted company for her fish, Fire (or as he is better known to Sarah, 'Lucky.') He got his second name after sliding under the refridgerator and nearly choking on a pebble and living to tell both tales. The man gave Lineth three fish and she let us each name one. We came up with Pansy (Lil's), Shark (Sarah's), and Monsieur Galileo (mine).

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played this year. How I wish I could have lived in the 30s. I would have been a swing dancer, no question.
The night always ends the same: smiles and YMCA. It really is a wonderful tradition.
Have a lovely Wednesday,
P.S I henceforth dedicate this post to Lineth, who turns 17 (!) today. Happy birthday Linut!