Saturday, October 3, 2009

Running Club

Once or twice a week, Lineth and I go for runs after school.
Unfortunately on Thursday we hadn't exactly planned for the sudden chill of fall weather and therefore couldn't quite bring ourselves to change from our warm layers into short sleeves and shorts.

So, to pep ourselves up for the freezingness, we opted to warm-up with a more aerobic routine! Who knew that playgrounds could provide so much exercise?

We try to put our game faces on...

...but really, we're just still little kids.

Basically the whole outfit was composed of clothes from my mom's past with the exception of TJ Maxx tights and a Stylish Wanderer astrology necklace. Lineth, Lil, Becky, Sarah, and I split the cost and we trade it around every week. To me, one of the best parts of our 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Necklace' is feeling like I'm carrying something that has a history bigger than I even know. I love picturing the adventures our little necklace has with each of us, and of course seeing how each of us bring our own style to it is always really cool.
Just perfecting that hair flip, (you know, no big deal!)

The homecoming game was last night. The band, as always, was the best part. But sitting on the hill drinking huge one dollar cups full of hot apple cider courtesy of the Little Theater Club and cheering Lily rolling down the grass was a close second. The dance is tonight...I feel like it will be the same ol' routine as always, but who knows? It's been known to surprise in the past...


ana b. said...

You guys look like you had so much fun! Fantastic coloured tights. I really should be more adventurous with tights.

And my favourite thing about playgrounds has to be the swing. Cliched but definitely the best!

little me. said...

great photos!
looks like you had so much fun :)

mice said...

it looks so much fun! (:
love your tights, btw.


Amelia said...

Fun pictures! Looks like you guys had a good time :)

natalie said...

I love running around acting like a crazy little kid again though... people really should do that more often! :) It looks like you had loads of fun perfecting your hair flip, hahaha. The one photo of you doing it looks absolutely perfect! Great shots as usual!

Your football field looks eerily similar to mine... and haha, the band is usually the best part of our football games too... AND *GASP* WE HAVE A HUGE HILL PERFECT FOR ROLLING DOWN TOO! Dun dun duuunnn O:

I hope you had fun at the dance! :)

Julls said...

love the childish.
and the outfit is damn cute.i own a pair of pink tights just like yours and I didnt know how to wear them,so thank you for the inspiration.

if i'll ever wear them and make a post,i'll link your blog there :D

hugs !

Marian said...

love the photos! make me wish I was lots younger again

delina. said...

lovely photographs, you can see that you had a lot of fun this day!! xx

Damsels said...

stylish wanderer sells astrology necklaces?

hmm whats your sign?
thts great you too go out and exercise .i wish i could with my best friend

Indy said...

These are soooo cute! You guys look like soo much fun!

Eliza said...

oh, i loved the photos :) you seem to have had so much fun together, and you look adorable :) much love <3

rachel said...

cute pictures :)
i love photography !
and playgrounds. and running. and being a little kid again. =]

simplychic said...

i love those tights. i wasted so much money trying to find the perfect pair of fuchsia tights last fall. i finally settled for some DKNY ones.

Sarah Clarke Gaudet said...

Fun pics!


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I love your tights.. they looks so trendy

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