Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello Friends!

Hello, hello! So, I have news! I have MOVED location! I was experimenting with a new layout over here and realized that my archives were getting horribly messed up. I decided that all in all, it would be easier to move to a new blog address. I'm trying some new things over there, and I'm very excited! I hope you'll all give it a read!
I'll still of course refer back to this blog on my new one, and perhaps even post here sometimes for a true 'Walk A Mile In These Shoes' moment where I document someone else's life and chronicle a piece of their past...or maybe even literally take a walk in their shoes (I mean maybe I'll meet someone who will let me borrow their shoes and I can take them around my yard for a spin? Hmm, the possibilities!)
But anywho, I'm still fiddling around with fonts, colors, headers and such, but give it a look and perhaps stay, for you know, a cup of tea or something.
I'm sorry that this is all horribly scattered brained, but what can you expect--it's a Wednesday after all!
Well, hope to see you all here at On the Corner of Belleview soon!
Thanks, and hello and goodbye!
(Hey, now, I understand why the Beatles wrote that song...)


natalie said...

Yay, I will head on over to the corner of Belleview in a minute :) Hurrah for new blogs! Your ideas for what this one could still be used for are great, the possibilities are endless... well... what am I waiting for haha?

*clicks link*

Talisa said...

your blog is really cute!!

Anonymous said...

love the blog, keep it up!
ive linked you!

check out my blog @

Bev said...

Hey love the blOg!!
But change is good :)
I'll definetley be checking ur new one out!! Xxx