Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Every year, Lily, Sarah, Lineth and I go to the local 'Oyster Festival.' We buy expensive seafood, spend too much money on carnival rides, and listen to some wonderful music. The evening usually ends with funnel cake and dancing, (although we always seem to run out of time by the end.)

The first year The Village People (!) performed. It was ridiculous. Nearly everyone got up to do the YMCA.

It was then we realized that we were really awesome spellers.


The next year, we posed with people inside furry costumes and Sarah and I got some disappointing Sweedish meatballs.

Everyone got face paint that year. This guy managed to creep into the picture.
That year, Los Lonely Boys were playing. The guitar solos were amazing.
We ran into some friends who helped us spell out LLB's number one hit (or at least basically the only one we all knew) 'Heaven.'

But still, we had to end the evening spelling what we spelled best!

This year started like it usually does. We went to Lil's first to pick up everybody (with a quick interruption to meet the adorable new kitten next door!)

We saw some friends who had just gotten tattoos I very much approve of.
"Silly Lollipop Game?" Basically describes Lily. I told her she had to pose with the sign.
After much much MUCH (how do I stress this enough?) debate and discussion over which ticket deal would be the best, we got a sheet of 22 and shared them for the price of $20.
Third year tradition for Sar, Lineth, and me to ride the Cliff Hanger, second year tradition for Lil.
The Ferris Wheel was a must.

We walked off the ferris wheel like royalty, waving to our fans.
Well, of course he had to creep into the picture again this year, too!
Confused as to what any of us are? I would give you big money if you got all of us right. Here, I (the fire breathing tiger...I told the guy to do whatever he wanted--I feel like they get bored with doing the same old thing so I told him my face was his canvas) am attacking Lineth, (the bloodied up zebra.) But that's what you thought...right?

I think this was post Lineth's fish-winning. She wanted company for her fish, Fire (or as he is better known to Sarah, 'Lucky.') He got his second name after sliding under the refridgerator and nearly choking on a pebble and living to tell both tales. The man gave Lineth three fish and she let us each name one. We came up with Pansy (Lil's), Shark (Sarah's), and Monsieur Galileo (mine).

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy played this year. How I wish I could have lived in the 30s. I would have been a swing dancer, no question.
The night always ends the same: smiles and YMCA. It really is a wonderful tradition.
Have a lovely Wednesday,
P.S I henceforth dedicate this post to Lineth, who turns 17 (!) today. Happy birthday Linut!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Benny Ninja Wears A Tutu Around His Neck

This=Fashion's Night Out: Fierce. I can think of no simpler way to describe the wonders that Annie, Emmy, and I experienced last night!

It's fashion week, baby. All the time is runway time!

Emmy was kind enough to document my spur of the moment runway walks and my unfortunate "missing of the train!" Oh noes!

Eeeee!!! (I'm sorry I cannot be more literate at this time.)

After a peek in at Gucci, we went over to Prada...and...

...SAW GRACE CODDINGTON! Suddenly, Annie said: "Is that Grace?" We turned around. My heart started thudding before my mind could comprehend.

Grace was really very sweet, although I must say I felt very incompetent in her presence. I said something to her about the September Issue film but headed up my comment with an apology because I was nearly positive she had heard what I said just about 3,000 times.

Sasha was incredibly gorgeous and had such a warm way about her.

Emmy snapped this picture in Bergdorf's as we waited to get our shirts.
Crowds and crowds and crowds to see the lovely Milo! I got just close enough to take this picture before being ushered away by a guard.
After staring for a bit at the beautiful models, we headed over to Sak's where Annie and I got makeovers!
Annie's green shadow treatment looked absolutely stunning.

Honestly, I totally would have thought she was a mannequin if I hadn't seen her blink.

I was taking this picture when Emmy and Annie said "Sylvia, that...Jade??" I literally sprinted, sprinted, and stopped right in front of her. "Um, hi! Can I have a picture?" She looked me over, smiled, and said "Yes, of course." She was elegant and classy...she WAS JADE!!!!! Do you KNOW how many ANTM youtube videos I've watched of her?!?!?!?!!?!?!??!?!?!? AH! AH AH AH AH!

I had an incredible urge to chase after her and tell her she was the most beautiful "biracial butterfly" (her own self proclaimed term) I had ever seen.
We went into Tiffany's, which was completely beautiful and got iced coffee and petit fours.

At Barney's there were many fabulous people.

There were people offering a photobooth session and free flip books with the final product.

Annie's finger is pointing to one of the photos from our session! After that, we had to run like the wind to Grand Central and make our train. Thanks to my dad's incredible New York way about him (he works in the city and has that unbelievably quick/traffic defying walk), we made it! We wish we could have stayed longer, but what we did see and do was well worth the short time we were there!

Naturally, today we all had to wear our shirts.

I borrowed Annie's skirt for the day and paired it with a vest from Forever 21.

We just had to indulge in some self timers with Emmy's camera after our own photoshoots.


Well, I seem to be on a theme with this hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil thing...maybe I can somehow incorporate into a third post in a row?
In conclusion, life is amazing.
Love to all and good night,