Monday, March 23, 2009

"This summer I'm going to work on my flip flop tan."

This day went on for about three years. I'm trying to think back on all that happened and I find myself thinking "wait, that was today? Wasn't that like, a week ago?" But no. It's just been one very long Monday.
Started with having to drag my butt out of bed twentyish minutes earlier than usual (doesn't seem like a lot, but believe me on 5ish hours of sleep, it's murder) to go in for math extra help. She really wasn't that informative though and I don't think I did too well on the test. Of course, it didn't exactly help when she had to proclaim in the middle of it "See Sylvia here is when all your talking in class is really going to get you!" HEY THANKS. I needed that! Oh well though. It's true. I really can't shut up in that class. She should take it as a compliment though. If I wasn't talking, I would be sleeping BECAUSE IT'S SO FREAKING BORING, so I think what I'm doing is actually quite generous.
Anyway, snuck a picture of the math workroom. I actually love all the workrooms, though the English one is my favorite. They're all complete with cubicles and teachers milling about, gossiping over students and correcting papers and tests. The lighting in the English room particularly is so warm and dim but not too dim...and honestly, I always love to see teachers being...human.
Later after an assembly on drinking and driving, I called for an impromptu photoshoot to document Jess's and Annie's fabulous outfits.
Annie from Curiouser & Curiouser, Jess from Star Season, & Emmy from Pretty Exquisite

Annie looks like a gorgeous poet actress girl from another era.

Lineth, always studiously lovely.

Bothered Annie in the cafeteria with pictures, but I like how they turned out.
The first meeting since the running club, Team Chartsy, was established! Since Lineth and I have both in the past learned/are learning sign language, I decided every meeting should be celebrated with a signed letter in the alphabet. Then, we'll get rewards when we achieve certain letters. Example, 'S'--smoothie perhaps?

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The Clothes Horse said...

Fun pics. It's wild to see so many bloggers together in one spot...