Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bonjour & Auf Wiedersehen

Things I want, need, and will do
Things I want to eat: A bowl of fruit salad, peppermint ice cream, & cheese fondue
Thing I need to do: Teach Annie German & get taught French by her, paint my nails lots of different colors again, & put away laundry.
Places I want to be: Strolling down one of those artsy street fairs that really seem to create my life, walking the Red Carpet at the Oscars, getting make up and clothed for some high fashion shoot with Nigel Barker and Mr. Jay, & sitting on an elephant America’s Next Top Model cycle 6 style posing like Joanie.
Top thing I should be doing: Spending about a month in the costume room at the high school. If you’ve never seen it, you’re missing out. It is about five to six times the size of my room and it's just one ginormous dream closet. Those clothes could suit up a girl for a couple of decades and carry her through ALL the trends.
Thing I will actually end up doing: Going to rehearsal, attempting a Scottish accent (that really comes out sounding Indian when ironically my stab at an Indian accent ends up sounding Jamaican), and hitting the note “Eek!” during the song ‘Jeanie’s Packing Up.’ Oh Brigadoon. You just got to love it.

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