Saturday, March 7, 2009

If money grew on trees...

then I could...
1) take trips to Paris whenever I wanted
2) buy an apartment in NYC
3) hire the Vineyard Sound to follow me around
4) shop at really awesome vintage boutiques
5) go to fashion shows on a regular basis
6) see Equus (even if it has stopped running) and other Broadway shows
7) go to England and stay in flats and cottages
8) build a darkroom in my house with all the equipment I could ever want
9) travel round the world (with a photoshoot in every country)
10) buy an unlimited supply of clothes at urban outfitters
The following are things I would purchase from urban outfitters if item 10 could happen.

Love the cutouts in the back of this and the embroidery on the front.

I'm just into those cutouts, I suppose!

Apparently this dress is insanely comfortable and I would imagine that it is good for many seasons.

I think that I should start planting those kind of trees in my backyard. Pretty sure it would come in handy.

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