Monday, March 23, 2009

The Week in Pictures

Thursday, March 19th: Last rehearsal of Beauty and the Beast! Woo! Took a moment to capture the snazzy new structure outside the middle school entrance. It was put in the year after we left. Of course.

Friday March, 20th: Skirt: given to me by best friend from NY's mom; Black Tank: Express; Sweater: On extended loan from Bex Shoes: Payless?

Also the night of the underclassmen dance. Bex came over to search my wardrobe for something to wear.

Which shoes?
On me: Dress: Forever 21, Tights: Bday present from mom, Sweater: extended loan
On Becky (everything mine except the shoes): Dress: Forever 21; Tights: Bday present from mom, Black Cami: BJ's

Saturday, March 21st: Hunter's photoshoot (couldn't help but bring along my camera)

Later that evening: Jackie's Bday

Erin is unnaturally fierce.

Allie, Julzes, Katie, Erin

Game faces on.

Bowling alleys make the best catwalks.

Drunk middle age group next to us got creative with their names.

Sunday, March 22nd:

A ceremony for Snowberry, my parakeet that died this year.

His own bird corner shrine.

At last, the Beauty and the Beast performance.

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