Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's almost like being in love...

...with Scottish clothing. Only the best thing ever. We tried on some costume options today and it has confirmed my obsession. The costumes are so much fun, flattering, playful, and still flowy.

Ah, nice to get that out.
So, onto item two: Today Bex, Lil, Lineth, Sarah and I had photography club We took some playground pictures until my batteries very sadly died and then switched over to Lineth's new phone with all these crazy cool effects.
After all the swinging, our hands were very cold...well except maybe for Lineth (whose gloves I very kindly fetched for her) or Sarah (who I very kindly gave my gloves to) but it was totally worth it.

Anywho, afterwards, Mrs. Williams and Bex took me to the Luncheonette and I became even more jealous of Mrs. W/Mr. W's amazing trip to England...I need to get myself there very soon. After dinner--I'm not sure why, we must have been talking about some kind of important thing--but I was spinning on the stools and I said "Well you know what I say..." and Bex was like "Everything happens for a reason." So then later we were in the car eating peppermint ice cream and I brought it up again and so I was wondering why I was so obsessed with the expression while simultaneously wondering who was the genius who created it and Becky was like "Maybe you created it." and I was like "Ha, yeah like maybe I just started it a couple of years ago..." and she was like "Well maybe you did it in another life." And then it clicked: A reincarnated version of myself. Then I stared at her for a while marveling in the geniusness of that statement making her say said something to the effect of “Oh my god what have I done." Budt there you have it. Another self said that in a previous life and now my soul wants to continue it in this life. IT MAKES PERFECT SENSE.

SO THEN (you just wait, there's more), when I got home, I googled it to see who exactly I was in my previous life. AND GUESS WHAT? (Not originally obviously), but Marilyn Monroe was quoted saying it at some point! AHA! YOU SEE!!!??!?! No? Well then let me explain the significance of this: Just yesterday, Julzies had said at some point during the day "Sylvers, I was staring at you during world lit today..." *pause for moment of flattered surprise* "...and I was thinking that with your white shirt and the way your hair could look so much like Marilyn Monroe. Like with the white dress and then the..." *pause for her showing the famous Marilyn pose* " if you curled your hair just to make it a little shorter...we should do the photoshoot!" which was doubly ironic considering just the past weekend, I was going to curl my hair, put on lipstick and recreate an Andy Warhol version of the picture! Unfortunately I ran out of good light, so I had to bag the idea for the moment, but really, look at all these signs of fate!
EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON. That's what it is. Oh self, from another life. So wise.

P.S Because this was a kind of long post and I wasn't sure if it would hold your attention, I took the time to spruce it up with fun colors! (Taking a page from Annie's (at Curiouser and Curiouser) book with the typical attention span of the internet reader thing--according to CAPT) Colors are good too, right?

P.P.S Did I really just do parentheses inside of parentheses in my last P.S?? My gosh. Reminds me of math. Yuck.

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