Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ten kids?? Jesus, Dickens, when did you have time to write?

My name is Sylvia Cunningham and I have a problem. I am in love with Charles Dickens. I mean, I might be on a high from writing my crowd scene essay a la Dickensian--it was ridiculously fun to do by the way--but I think that him and I should meet up in another life and get married. Dear Lord, I feel like Mrs. Klein. I CAN'T BE WORSE THAN MRS. KLEIN, can I?? GULP. Do you think she would kill me if she knew I wanted to steal her man?
You know, I wonder what Dickens was like as a person. Like, if he was really fun to talk to and all that jazz. Research must ensue (believe me you'll be hearing about it.) But after reading Oliver Twist last year, I was like "I love him! He's so funny" and I felt very alone because everyone else was like "What is this crap?" BUT NOW, I've taken my love to a whole new level. I mean, look at Oliver Twist, look at Tales of Two Cities, look at Christmas Carol--Goddamn Dickens--you have the sarcasm of a comedian today, you're so modern and yet you have this touch of old style charm! And I am impressed/surprised/contemplative of the fact that you have 10 freaking children. DUDE. Busy much?
But I mean, I'm not going to go to the place where I think of 'doing Dickens', but if I were to, I would say that his wife would have to testify that he was pretty damn good.

Eh...well, who knows what goes on under that dapper suit of his?
I'm a creeper and will be going to bed now. I am so excited for school tomorrow and I can't wait to get to world lit--what is wrong with the world??? Weeeeee....
Off to dream of...well you can guess.
"I am a disappointed drudge, sir. I care for no man on earth, and no man on earth cares for me."
In other news, I've never felt like more of a geek.

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