Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I have the best friends in the entire world.

I do. It's true. I'm sorry that I'm making you all jealous, but I just gotta speak the truth. My day was complete with a glitter poster on my locker, a birthday message that my friend woke up at 5:55 in the morning (the exact time I was born 16 years ago) to write, two beautiful books (one from Jess, one from Annie) that I am very excited to read, a ridiculous number of wall posts to keep me extremely happy, getting sung to in math, German, and chem (the chem rendition involved some downright gorgeous harmonization), getting a birthday pencil from Frau that says 'Zum Geburtstag Viel Gluck', taking quite a few 'flattering' bday pics, eating peanut butter cookies, and a beautiful-wonderful-I am-in-love-with-the-people-who-made-it cake. Around 1:30ish I get a text from Katie that says "Go to the jungle at 2:18." Hunter's physics class is right across the hall from my chem room and so after asking to "go get something from my locker", we ran to the jungle and Katherine, Jackie, and Katie were waiting there with the most amazing cake I have ever seen.

I WAS SO HAPPY. WORDS CANNOT DESCRIBE. I walk back into chem later (Katherine had to come to explain to my chem teacher, also her mom) and I just said "I have the best friends ever." And everyone agreed because OH MY GOD I HAVE THE BEST FRIENDS EVER, IT'S TRUE.
So my day was fantabulous and I hope yours was good too. Picture time? I think so.

Shoes: Payless, I believe; Jeans: Delia's; Belt: TJMaxx;Ring: Laila Rowe; Sweater: Urban Outfitters; Hair Clip: Mom's bought many many years ago in San Antonio; Flowers: Waiting on the counter for me, smelling and looking beautiful, from my daddy

Only my favorite thing in the world: a fruit tart (picked up by my lovely dad) from Zaro's

Oh hey paparazzi

5 o'clock daily prayer to Tyra. No big deal.

Getting ready...

OH DAMN. I JUST REALIZED NOW THAT I COMPLETELY COMPLETELY FORGOT TO MAKE A WISH. Oh man...the one birthday cake basic...and how did I not even remember that till now??

Je T'aime! (&& Junior's Cheesecake in the background)

And we're back to the beginning. Oh that 7 o'clock morning frost...
Katie and Jess took pictures in school, so some more may come. But until was a super A+ day.
Lots of love from a true sixteen year old girl,


Ruta said...

I love your pink flats. I'm pretty jealous of everyone right now for all their shoes since a lot of mine are ruined. I never even thought of prink flats until now, but I really like them.

Plus, that cake looks delicious!

Victoria C said...

lucky girl, i wish my friends were so generous hah xo

The Clothes Horse said...

Happy birthday! Now I want a slice of cake... :)

Jimena said...

i wish i could have had such great friends as u when i was 16 ...
happy birthday!!

Mary said...

The pictures are fantastic... oh that cake, so goooood

you comment on my 100 things made me smile from ear to ear, i seriously reread it when I'm lonely because it's like "AHH THERES SOMEONE OUT THERE LIKE ME :) :) :) :)"
You make my day, repeatedly.