Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Last Supper

I've been asking it a lot lately: What would your last supper be? Kind of morbid but interesting all the same. I started thinking about it due to the recent Top Chef episode where the contestants had to prepare the last meals for five famous chefs. Awesome challenge actually and it made me think: what would my last meal be? I came to the conclusion that it would have to involve baguette and perhaps avocado (because those two things create the best breakfast ever.) Well, best lunch and dinner too (as I eat it for all three meals), come to think about it. But I'm also quite found of the Swing Panini at the Tutzi Pootzi Patzi place which involves the best bread in the world with a vinaigrette, chicken, and an assortment of delicious vegetables. It reminds me of Monica's turkey sandwich in a way because the vinaigrette/bread functions as a bit of a 'moistmaker.' Friends fans know what I'm talking about, but to catch up, I did end up watching this bit of it on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ziQrW-dOGWc
Anyway, I would have to end with a fruit tart, probably from the bakery I love in Grand Central. Honestly, I would take a train ride in JUST to get that fruit tart.
Earlier in the Last Supper episode, they had a quickfire challenge where they had to make something with egg for Wylie Dufresne who is legit obsessed and says he could eggs for every meal of the day. The winner ended up being Carla's cutsie spin on green eggs & ham:

And one I thought looked good but apparently really wasn't was Hosea's (Egg White Roll, Egg White Sticky Rice with Poached Shrimp, Avocado and Tempura Fried Egg):

I think he stole the shrimp avocado idea from me and Annie:

And I can confidently say ours was way better.

Talking about food makes me want to eat food and I'm in the mood for some avocado shrimp concoction (HUH. wonder why!)...maybe I'll get up in a little to investigate what we have in the fridge. Or in a couple of hours, I'll be investigating to see what Lineth has in hers. I'm still awaiting her phone call to tell me when I should be dropped off so Mrs. Angel can drive me to their house. I might stop in Walmart before and pick up some photo prints and perhaps some make up which lately I have been in such a craze to experiment with. Lineth and I might see Coraline or He's Just Not That Into You (even though it looks like a bad spin off of Love Actually.) I can't believe how many celebrities are in that one. I heard it's not so good and I kind of want to see just how bad it can get...and making fun of it is always an option. I don't think I can stand to see what they did with Shopaholic though. HONESTLY. They took everything unique about it from the book and turned it into a cliche blob of crap. I want to sue and then take the money I get from them and make a better movie. I remember the preview coming on for it a couple of months ago in the theaters and I was thinking "Huh...I wonder what this is...That's weird. It kind of sounds like the plot of--no. No. SAY IT AIN'T SO." And it was so. Sad sad day. So I'm not sure if I can bring myself to see that one, even with the perks of making fun of it the whole time. Anyway, besides seeing the movie, I'm excited because Lineth and I have figured that this will be the first day we have spent, just the two of us, since 6th grade when we helped my mom paint the yellow brick road for Wizard of Oz. Then we walked to Cider Mill to explore and reminisce and stopped at Comstock to get a candy bar. It was good day so it's really really sad that we haven't done anything like it since. We have big plans though, including making a dream machine (where one can plug something in to show another individual his/her dreams) and a new brand of lotion. They will both do wonders for the world, I know.

Okay, my stomach is grumbling and it's embarrassing me and my computer, so I think I'm going to go get something to eat. I'll be back though as this is an obsession and I cannot stop. So don't you worry. For now though I leave you with this: What would your last supper be?

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