Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Betsy & Charles Go On Their First Date

So, Lineth and I had a ridiculous amount of fun. After picking out a movie (Coraline—big mistake, will expand on this later), we went for a walk in the neighborhood. At some point, we decided that we would make it our goal to take a picture with every road sign…

A little after we had to leave for the movie where I bought us disgustingly expensive popcorn. Ugh. Such a rip off. And the movie was just…I mean it wasn’t terrible, we just were both confused and annoyed. Like, I had always thought the button thing was so cool, but it was just kind of dragged out and ehh. Looking back at it now I think, “Oh it wasn’t that bad…It was good…” but I think I’d feel differently if I were to see it again.

After that we
wandered around
the street
and went
into a store
where we
picked out
would buy and
Then we went into Payless where I tried on ridiculously big purple boots.
Then we had OUR FIRST DATE ZOMG ZOMOGGG SO ROMANTIC!!! Lineth took me out to Hong Kong Tokyo where we debated between sushi and sesame chicken. It was the best date a girl could wish for. And she paid. Well, it only ended up being about 20 dollars—I’m a cheap date, I know—but still. My fortune was a really good one about books and such.

Later we looked over memories, played some guitar, and then THE LIZZIE MCGUIRE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best. Thing. Ever. We later looked at what everyone in the cast ended up doing and well…not so much after the Lizzie McGuire Movie. I guess they figured nothing could top that piece of work.

So, our date continued onto the morning after (I’m not only cheap, but I’m easy also) and when we woke up we had cereal with a side of Bring It On.

After taking some vacation snap shots with Hooters the Owl and masked photos, we watched a bit of Four Weddings & A Funeral and then I left.

And thus was the saga of Betsy and Charles.

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