Sunday, February 22, 2009

"Do you have any star fish?" "No, we don't have any star fish. We have SEA stars but no star fish."

Yeah, so we're pretty sure that there's a conspiracy going on at the Maritime Aquarium. I mean, honestly are they paid to make sure everyone calls them 'sea stars.' Literally all the employees (except one that they hadn't brainwashed yet) persisted in telling us there were no star fish whatsoever at the aquarium...but wait a moment, there are 'sea stars!' Except we don't want to see the freaking sea stars, we want to see the star fish.
So, Lil, Bex, Sar, Linut and I went to the aquarium. First we met at the Black Bear Saloon where I got a truly delicious bleu cheese bacon burger with sweet potato fries (heaven.) We debated going into 'Taste of Holland'...the store that Sarah, Lily, and I had been kicked out of on another occasion. And when I say "we debated", I mean Lily and Sarah were toying around with the idea of going in (or just pushing me in) and I was saying that I was scared out of my mind and that you could not PAY me to go back there. If you had seen the guy who yelled at, yeah that could have been the last guy we ever saw if he had whipped out his gun God. That man was scary.
Anyway, we didn't end up going in...I think I would had a heart attack. But we did go on to the candy store down the street where Sarah and I got some yummy sour things for only $1.79. Then onto the aquarium where we saw the famous African penguins (cute but disappointed that we couldn't really see them that well.

They were actually in the same containment as Neil the albino alligator.) We opted to miss the seal feeding as you could barely move around the perimeter surrounding it let alone see any of the animals. We took the opportunity to explore the rest of the more emptied aquarium. Lineth and Bex were vs Sarah and Lil to see who could "find this fish" first.

Lineth won, I think?

We hung out at the mesmerizing jelly fish tank, ate shark gummies around the shark tank, and harrassed Charlie the boy at the touch tank who would not on his life call 'sea stars' star fish, the name that every person on the planet outside the Maritime Aquarium employees know them as. Then Sarah and I named all the sharks (with a little help from Lineth.)

^I think that might have been Rex. There was also TJ, Lionel, Marcus, Samuel, Ernie (wise grandfather shark) "Shark" (Lineth's naming of course), Judith (she's the slut), Jaws (nicknamed Squishy), and Phyllis (Judith's twin but not so much of a slut).

Lil takes a nap by the jelly fish tank...

After petting sting rays, we went outside with the goal of seeing the penguins again but we only ended up taking pictures looking like poster children for some good ol' wholesome TV show.

Then we got picked up by Mr. Spitz and went home and after he said "I'mma making RIBS." (Jokes, jokes...) we played the game of Life. Really.

It was amazing. Life is a great game. Lineth who had a freaking 20,000 salary for more than half the game and who if we were to be surveyed would have been the LAST person we would have said would win the game, ended up having the most money. Of course. I came in second, Sarah in third, Bex in fourth, and Lily last. Then we actually had those ribs (my God they were good) and salmon for Becky. Then after reminiscing over old pictures, we got picked up by Mr. Angel and dropped off at Sarah's. Bex and I went home via meine Mutti.
Then Hunter and I finished Brigadoon, gave Katie a really confusing phone call (okay are we having brunch tomorrow or whaaat??), and tried going over lines. I like, love Brigadoon though. The fight scenes are just ridiculously fake. And the ending is so dramatic. It's just like Hunter said when Fiona and Tommy go to each other "Wait, should I change dresses? I should change." "Am I walking too fast??!" If you haven't seen it, just go watch it. My dad pointed out that one of the actor's "Scottish" accents sounded like Mrs. Doubtfire. Which it actually really did.
OKAY. I'm going to bed. I am so off schedule.
~Sylv. E. Uh. (Fancy, eh?)

"WAIT WHAT?" was the general statement when we doubled back to see what we had just passed.

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