Monday, February 16, 2009

Day Time Pajama Party

Just came back from the 'ultra depressing' themed marathon of the two movies Lily was an extra in: Reservation Road and Revolutionary Road. As dear old Mrs. Klein would say, it’s ironical that they have such similar titles (and that they both contain such depressing subject matter.) All in all, they were both alright. Reservation Road seemed to lead up to what we were expecting in a rather drawn out way. It supposedly happened in the span of about four weeks, but it could have taken about four hours to get the point across. One of the most best parts of it though was seeing Lily at the Lake Compounce scene! We paused it, clapped, took a picture (see below), resumed the movie, decided we had to see it again, then clapped once more. It was very exciting.

Unfortunately she wasn’t seen in Revolutionary Road, but it was awesome nevertheless. Wanted to screw Leo through the whole movie though. Not as gorgeous as in Titanic obviously, but c’mon it’s Leonardo DiCaprio. It doesn’t even matter.

After eating lots of peanut M&M’s (valentine colored), chips, guacamole, pizza, and the chocolate lollipops my mom had made for the 14th, we finished both Road movies. We flipped around for something to watch for a while after that. Nothing was very entertaining though and Sarah was restless with each program we landed on (well, I think we all were a bit.) We did get to catch the last few minutes of Stand by Me and a snippet of the Tyra Show where a girl very dramatically revealed to mother that she had OMGOMG sex??! (it was rather anticlimactic though because we all thought that she was going to tell her she was pregnant.) Pregnant or not, revealing I lost my virginity to my mom on the Tyra Show probably wouldn’t be my first choice, but hey, whatever works. We ended up watching the beginning of the Moonlight premiere where I proceeded to interrogate Sarah throughout. Why does he live in a freezer? Do vampires pee? Why can they release sperm but they can’t pee? She knows about these things as she has been obsessed with vampires (not Stephanie Meyer) way before Twilight had found its way into every pre teen (and above’s) household.

So as I was befuddled by many vampire related things, we continued on with our channel surfing. Caught up a bit on the Chris Brown/Rihanna scandal. Then Lil and I made fun of the other three for actually enjoying that Real Housewife show…at around six we all drifted to be picked up, still decked out in our best pajamas of course.

First day time pajama sleepover? Definitely a success.

As Bex and I were leaving, we looked at the sky (which then was about four gorgeous shades of blue.) I’ve been noticing the past couple of months how truly fantastic the sky is. I checked if there were any planes (there weren't.) It did remind me of the poem I wrote recently though:

How many blues have painted the sky today?
This particular shade caresses my summer self like an old treasured blanket
I look up and see a white figure on the cobalt canvas
The large, oddly shaped bird’s lights flash every now and again
As I wander away from the swing set,
Gazing at the biggest, most interesting shooting star in the sky,
I wonder if the airplane holds my Uncle Michael
I wonder if he is watching a movie now, or
Maybe eating his astronaut food dinner, or
Perhaps simply snoozing into the notoriously uncomfortable seat, a complimentary blanket tucked up right under his chin
I wonder if he is coming into JFK, or maybe LaGuardia, and if he will be soon knocking on our blue front door
Even after days have passed and I realize he has not come for a surprise visit after all, I can see an airplane the next week and think the exact same thing
When did I finally realize that every passing airplane probably did not come from Germany, holding my uncle (who inside was sneakily plotting his secret visit)?
Years have passed and I have
Different house
Different shoes
Different teeth
And yet I am still under the same cobalt evening sky
I spot a plane and all at once the memory of my silly childish thinking flits back
I smile, shake my head, give a little laugh
And then I go inside and wonder when my uncle’s flight will land

I still think about my uncle whenever I see an airplane. And usually whenever I see one, I want to be on it. Today though, oddly enough, I didn't feel the urge. It just seemed lonely being a little dot in the sky. Still strange though...I mean I usually want to be somewhere, going some place, doing something…but as we were leaving I was content being on the ground.

Probably be even more content in a couple of months when spring is on for sure. I hope nice weather is sticking around though (regardless of the rumors that I’ve heard concerning the snowstorm on Wednesday.) You know, I never thought I liked spring so much but recently smelling the change in the air and feeling the warmth of the degree shift, I have fallen in love. With a season. Yep. Exciting life I lead, eh?

So. I like writing this all out. I’ve always found writing things down captures the moment like nothing else. Photos and film—though nice to look at—make you see it through that particular point of view. Writing allows for you to remember. Seriously. How can you not like writing? It’s just amazing. MY GOD. I AM SUCH A DORK.

Okay, moving on…I attempted a fashion blog last year, inspired by the recent influx of red carpet events, but I never had the time to catch up on it. Again, it’s ironical, but before Annie (BY THE WAY, before I forget. Annie. Photoshoot. Can we do some shots with really crazy cool makeup??) even mentioned it, I had been thinking about just wanting to write things down. I just wanted to be able to say everything I wanted about anything. So, hello new means of procrastination. I have arrived.


Annie said...

I like your blog. A lot. For one, because you write long posts like me. For two, you're talking about what you really want to talk about, in a way that sounds like you, instead of trying to be all pretentious and stupid. I LOVE YOU. CANNOT WAIT FOR MORE POSTS!

Emmy said...


love you.

can we all photoshoot it up sometime please?