Friday, February 20, 2009

"I Have A Problem..."

"I really have this problem...I love to look at myself in mirrors. Constantly." -Katherine Rinaldi (as quoted by Jackie Saltarelli) Words of the night.
We went to go see Shopaholic (even though I warned them I would be a mess about it and cringing in my seat over all the things they changed) but it wasn't so bad. If you look at it as a separate entity it was fine.
But sweet Jesus, why is Hugh Dancy so damn fine?
And why is she kissing him when I'm not???
Honestly, I just want to hop on him and give him a lap dance or something.
I'm sorry was that too much information?
Well anywho, after some pizza and tiramisu from Stefano's and some discussion on Katherine's little mirror problem among other scandalous mom picked us up and we taxied the girls home around Wilton. Later I watched the rest of Brigadoon because I need to return it even though Hunter wasn't available (as he was "seeing Wicked" or as I expect, sneaking into Fashion Week to see the Project Runway collection) I caught him fortunately and he feels guilty, as he should, so he will be bringing me home two couture dresses.
In other news, I am excited to see African penguins tomorrow at the aquarium and have an accidental "Oh my gosh, I forgot you worked here on weekends!" with Brian (adorable waiter man) at the Black Bear.
Good night!
P.S Here's a thought of the night: Would you rather be a penguin, dolphin, or shark?

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