Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dickensian, Shakespearean, & Gym Frees

I’m writing this in my glorious, glorious gym free right now. Honestly, a gym free on a fitness day?? That’s like finding out the shirt you’re buying for 30 dollars is really on sale for 10…or something. Maybe I can think of a better metaphor later. In any case, it’s pretty sweet.
SO. CAST LIST???? What the hell. Why do they wait until the end of the day? Because the want to…
a) torture us
b) have us thinking about theater ALL DAY
c) awkwardly go out of our way to pass the theater door ‘just in case’ they posted it early
WHOA I JUST SAW MRS. BECKMORE. Not that this means anything to me because I didn’t have her, but it was still just like whoa! I thought it was someone else when I first looked up…but I can’t place who she looks like… I think someone from Top Chef maybe? (TOP CHEF. My God. I’m not gonna even go there right now. I’m still feeling a little pain from yesterday’s results.)
Anyway, to continue with my list
d) have us be the youngest generation in the world to have strokes
e) all of the above
Mmm…I’m feeling e). I mean, it’s not like this defines my life. I’m not like stressing out of my mind (regardless of the list I just made.) Everything happens for a reason and all that jazz. It’s not like ZOMG be in Brigadoon or die! But at the same time…I am pretty wanting to be in it. I mean, c’mon, there is nothing in ‘Scottish musical’ that does not scream fun & games. So, anyway. Rumor has it that it goes up at 2:51. AKA about 100 kids will storm the theater door. It will be hard to see and awkward for those who don’t get it and for those who do and anywho. Enough about this.
I should probably be doing some catch up chem….or editing childhood memoir…or my Tale of Two Cities thesis which by the way is something I’ve been thinking about. Well no, that’s a lie. I have sadly been neglecting to think about the metaphor paper, but I was thinking how cool it would be to have a whole style of writing named for you! Like, sample conversation:
“I’m thinking of writing a novel, Jill…”
“Cool Bill! Do you think you’re going to write it in Dickensian style? Or maybe pull some Shakespeare?”
“I don’t know, I was thinking maybe Cunninghamian style.”
“Well…that is everyone’s favorite!”
Or you know, whatever. Cunninghamian just does not sound good. And I’m just going to throw it out there, I definitely did not mean to rhyme Jill and Bill. Just the first names that came to mind.
Anyway, I really must go. I must at least pretend to think about homework. Yesterday I was like, “well I have free for the hour and H, too. So I’ll get so much done!” HA. I scoff at yesterday’s Sylvia…so young and naïve. Like I would actually use a study hall to do work. That’s just not done.
“Cuz baby there ain’t no mountatin high enough!” –my iPod on shuffle

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