Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?"

"I lost my phone number. Can I have yours?" The question on both the minds of Becky and myself when we saw the looks of our two waiters at South of the Border, a restaurant we stopped at in Ossining. I had a dentist appointment and took her to see the sights of my home town. When we were driving past my old house, our neighbor was looking out the door and recognized us! I grew up with three of the five kids that she has (Lindsey, Calvin, Wesley, Elliot, and Blair) and so it was quite stunning to see them six years older. They were all so adorable though. Well, as most in the know are aware of, Ossining is home of Sing Sing prison so we took Bex to an exhibit they have in the community center. Kind of scary but kind of cool, too.

The day before, Hunter had picked me up and had given me a detailed description that I had asked for of Wicked on the way to Katie's (which continued on for about a half hour even after we got there.) The best part was seeing him pretend to do magic. I mean, I should have known. If the boy can do slutty Harry Potter, he must be pretty awesome at imitating magic!...then we watched some Dreamgirls with closed captioning which (as Katie advertised when she couldn't find the remote to turn it off) was quite useful when we wanted to sing along. Of course, only Katie and I really only used them because he knew all the lyrics already...but it still worked out.

Then was the Oscar party. Sabrina and Bex came to celebrate the event. We had some fun times talking across the room from each other on our separate computers. I loved the Oscars and Hugh Jackman was just adorable. Red Carpet is always enormously fun...(what the fuck were Reese Witherspoon and Jessica Biel thinking??) and I enjoyed commentary by Mr. Jay and Tim Gunn. The two of them slept over and I was (not pleasantly) awakened in the morning by a pillow thrown at my head. HMMMM. GUESS WHO? SABRINA ELIZABETH BLAZE BELL.

Anyway, I'm just running through some key things because I should REALLY be doing homework right now considering I have to be at callbacks at 7 and I just got home from Peervention now. Nervousness about auditioning though.................!
SO. I will post later because I will no doubt be in the mood, but I just really felt the need to document these fine moments.
School sucked. Did anyone else feel it was the longest. day. ever? Yes? Well me to. School after vacation. Never good.

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