Thursday, February 19, 2009

6 Ebenezers, hunting down asparagus, and...whaa--wait! Where's Fabio??

Sarah left about an hourish ago from our Top Chef influenza that ended in a mildly depressing manner. Fabio: the core of all amusement in this show was eliminated. And to make it worse, Jeff isn't even around to bring his beauty to the screen.

However, everyone cooked quite well and the episode rather "amoooozed my boosh" in the end. Hmm. Long story. Watch back a couple of episodes, you'll understand.

When we picked up Sarah we had to go to the Weston (my mom constantly has been saying since, "what a cute town!") library and Sarah and I looked at the list of Revolutionary War veterans. I spotted 'Ebenezer Squire' and thought it was quite cool until Sarah pointed out there were five others with the same first name. I was also rather found of 'Aticon Hilton' and 'Eliphalet Thorp.' You just don't see names like those anymore. After we left the library empty handed (because of a computer system that was for THIS DAY ONLY rejecting our Wilton card), we went to Caraluzzi's where I gave Sarah the full tour including "this is the produce section..."
Then finally, we headed towards home in the sudden appearance of a winter wonderland. Like I said to my mom and Sar, I had been frolicking just an hour before in the green grass and now there was no hint that Spring was ever coming. "Frolicking?" Was all my mom said to this statement.
Sarah and I watched the Supersize Me bonus features when we got home (we are both big fans of the movie) and then dabbled in some JellyCar on my iPod. We then had a really fun time talking to each other two feet away via computer and the iTouch. By around 8ish dinner was ready which (even though we had recently consumed a bowl of pretzels and ricotta) we were totally ready for.
However, I had told Sarah that we might have a) chicken pot pie or b) roast beef and potatoes and she didn't no which one we had chosen so.....................we went upstairs
Dinner choice b: roast beef, asparagus, green beans, and mustard potatoes! It was scrummy.
And I was glad to have the asparagus considering I had been like a mad woman at Stew Leonard's trying to get the free sample that took way more time than advertised to get ready...I had to linger around the stand (which I think annoyed the lady who was making it so she dragged out the process) but it was worth it.
Anyway, Top Chef (accompanied by some freshly baked banana bread) was good and after the two Europeans were left in the final two, Sarah and I had a discussion of America. I brought up how I think America is strange. I mean, suddenly we break away from England, call dibs on this HUMONGOUS country, and then we're a superpower! I mean, it's just crazy. So I was wondering if America didn't exist, what country I would be living in (based on ancestral roots.) For me it was Germany (with a slight uncertainty because my dad might have still been in Ireland.) For Sarah it was trickier. Korea, Japan, would have been hard for little baby Sarah to really exist if everyone hadn't been able to meet up in Hawaii! Anyway, it was very interesting to think about.
So I should probably go to bed as I am a) rambling b) not making sense and c) listing things in this obnoxious a, b, c pattern and d) Lineth and I got less sleep last night than we probably should have (and the freaking phone kept waking us up in the morning so we didn't sleep in as well as we might have wanted to...which would have been till like 2 in the afternoon...) so good night! I'll write my fashion post tomorrow.

On a final note on food, Stew Leonard's said it best today: "A balanced day is a cookie in each hand."

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