Monday, April 6, 2009

Yeah. Tyra's Mom.

So the last couple of days have been spent sorting through the 975 (!) pictures on my camera (plus the extra 227 photos on Hunter’s camera.) Finally after looking through them all and dividing the best into a different folder…I still ended up with 87 pictures. Which is nice and all but not exactly ideal for this post…so I went through again and this is what I ended up with. There is a lot of pictures. What else is new? Anywho, the theme of my birthday was Top Chef/Top Model/Project Runway. I started out with some Tyra Mail via facebook.

Most thought that the photoshoot would be one dealing with the economy and saving your career in the crisis, but really the idea for the shoot was phobias. Phobias ranged from arachibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth) to chronophobia (fear of time) to globophobia (fear of balloons.) It was majorly fun to shoot.
Hunter snaps a picture of me snapping a picture. I love those kinds.

Pre everyone's arrival. 72 balloons to a package. With the help of the girls, we got to 70.
Jess? (Jackie's crafty handiwork)

Drawing straws Top Chef style (because knives would be a tad dangerous)

PROJECT RUNWAY CHALLENGE. Design umbrellas. They got some kick ass results.

I gave them full permission to raid my closet.
Emmy's gorgeous creation.


Annie a la Curiouser & Curiouser.

She knows how to work it.
Sar bear poses it up.

Jackie looses her footing but recovers with the grace of a true top model. ;)

EVERYONE! Annie and Jess make this picture what it is.

And here goes the phobias.
Ambulophobia- Fear of walking (in this case, fear of runway)
Geliophobia- Fear of laughter
Acousticophobia- Fear of noise
Globophobia - Fear of balloons

Anthrophobia- Fear of flowers

Chromatophobia- Fear of colors
Lily was painting a gray rainbow. It was hilarious.

Catoptrophobia- Fear of mirrors

Chronophobia- Fear of time

It was a fantastic time. Plus, I got the most amazing gifts because my friends all have killer taste. A present post will come. Thanks for looking through!
P.S: If you’re photo crazed like I am, you can get a fuller account here.


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Pansieberry said...

love the plush piggy! i always enjoy photoshoots with friends!

black vanilla rose said...

What beautiful photos!! I'll have to stop by and look at them all again when i'm not to busy at work... umbrellas are such a great prop and i think that second pic is absolutly stunning xx