Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why I've Been A Poopy Blogger Lately

I just used poopy in a title. How eloquent of me. The idea of it all started in my free today when I thought about how I still needed to do a proper post on my adventures in Deutschland. Then I realized...hey, my schedule is ridiculous and I'm only, right now (aka only from 10:30 PM to 7:30 AM.) So here is my schedule of today and an example of why I've been sadly lacking in posting (P.S, it's surprisingly fun to write out your schedule moment for moment...try it sometime. P.P.S, the pictures have absolutely no relevancy to my schedule, but I felt like the post looked sad photo-less, so I couldn't resist):

My friend, Lily, after school at photo club.

6:50 "Wake up." (Note. This should be said aloud using air quotes)

7:20 My mom comes into my room, "SYLV. You're not up yet?! It's 7:30!" (I've noticed she always exaggerates the time to make it sound more severe. Good technique though and it always makes me get ready faster)

7:46 Bus comes. I listen to my 'Moondance' playlist on my iPod. Songs include:

Moondance, Michael Buble

Sunrise, Norah Jones

Feeling Good, Nina Simone

Fields of Gold, Eva Cassidy

You Raise Me Up, Josh Groban

Can't Help Falling In Love, Michael Buble

Don't Know Why, Norah Jones

Fly Me To The Moon, Frank Sinatra

So Long, Farewell, The Sound of Music

Wonderwall, Paul Anka

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, Bette Milder

Home, Michael Buble

Born Free, Andy Williams

Turn Me On, Norah Jones

Everything, Michael Buble

Edelweiss, Julie Andrews

8:06 Walk into school. Locker time with my friends. Talk about going to Disney world, dirndls, boys, a certain school book with a certain past user, etc.

8:20 German. We talked about transportation and flights and I really wanted to be on one.

9:10 World Lit. We get our essays back after just about 3 years of waiting and wondering and forgetting they even existed. I could hardly remember writing it when I looked over it again. But I got a 93! Thank God. Our teacher gave a little speech on how much we all suck first, so it got me a tad nervous. Annie did okay, she got 100 or whatever. Like nothing to be excited about. (And I totally told her she would.)

10:00 Math. Ew. EW. WHAT THE FUCK IS AN ELLIPSE? I took a picture of Alex because he had strategically placed his hat over his eyes and I believe was taking a nap. Then because my cell phone was dying, I threw my pencil across the room, and as I bent down to pick it up, I plugged my charger into the nearest outlet. My teacher did not notice any of the following. Of course. I left thinking what I always think: "I hate math." and "WHAT THE FUCK IS AN ELLIPSE?"

10:50 Free! For the hour! A rare perk in my day. Bex is sitting next to me and in approximately 6 minutes, we will go meet Lineth for lunch. Unfortunately, I actually do have to do work. But I'll finish this post first before essay writing sets in.

Wait. Just kidding. Apparently the bells aren't working in the library and it's time for lunch. I'll continue during my next free.

11:12 Lunch! I was very excited to see they had these french toast strips that I used to love seeing in elementary school. I asked if I could just have those instead of the omelette but she seemed all flustered and like she was getting steadily more annoyed, so I said I would take it all. The full meal included applesauce (eh, not great), potatoes (Bex warned me they were weird and I had one or two before deciding that they were more than just weird), vegetable omelette (not the kind of omelettes I make or particularly like, but it wasn't terrible), a little cone shaped syrup pack (fun!), the french toast strips (YAY!), a Green Delicious apple (wasn't that ripe, but it was alright), and skim milk. All in all, for three dollars, it was a great deal. I mean, it only would have been a better deal if it was just french toast with a side of....frech toast. But whatever. It was satisfying enough.

12:25 Chem. Hey, I actually understood stuff! And after the 48% on my last chem test, this was a big accomplishment!

1:15 Band. Our teacher seemed to extra hate us today considering we're leaving for our adjudication tomorrow and we can either do pretty great or fail miserably. So he got pretty angry. However, I found my other teacher playing piano and singing a song from an operetta to himself when I first walked in and that was nice.

2:05 Gym free. That's where I am's pouring like crazy outside. Usually I sit facing the entrance, but now I'm at a computer with a huge window to look out of. I love the rain. And now I'm listening to my 'Sunday Morning' playlist, care of the genius button on my iPod. I wanted to see what it came up with. Lyrics from The Fray's 'All At Once'... "Sometimes the hard thing and the right thing are the same." I like that. But anyway. Gym frees are fantastic. This is my best schedule out of the 8 day rotation, actually. Yesterday it went more like World Lit, Math, Creative Writing, Chem for the hour, Gym, Double lab. Oh the joy.

Okay, I must work on my essay now. I'll finish up the rest of my schedule when I get home at 10:30. Ugh.

Driving to the Alps in my uncle's car.

3:00 Lit Mag. So peaceful when it's only four people. I really enjoyed it. We read, chatted, listened. It was what lit mag should be.

4:15 Apply at the elderly home down the street for a job. I'm setting up a meeting so I can volunteer in the summer and once the play is over.

4:30ish Ran into Stop & Shop and got a glazed sticky bun. Quite scrumptious.

5:00 Guitar lesson. Went by fast. We talked about my trip to Germany a bit and I discovered that JP had the same German teacher in high school that I do now! He says the only thing he remembers is "Ich spiele Gitarre." Oh well. At least it's something.

6:30 Rehearsal for Brigadoon. Ample rounds of Marry Screw Kill (a game in which it sounds exactly like it's called and you give three people (three guys if you're playing with girls and vice versa...or to switch it up, guys if you're playing with guys and vice versa) and you have to pick one to marry, screw, and kill.) It's fun to play with the guys who say exactly what they think and don't concern themselves with cushioning the blow of rejection.

9:30ish Head home. (I got out early!) A nice surprise...even though I actually love going to rehearsals.

Captured out of a bus in Tunis, Tunisia. I wonder where they were all going.

It is now 11:08 and I must go do homework.
Adjudication for band/chorus/orchestra in DC tomorrow! FINALLY! I can't wait.

See you all ladel,


CFXD said...

1) i knew almost every song on that playlist (and liked them)...I feel good about myself
2) i worked with JP on a show in September...very good musician

captivateme said...

a day in the life of it! Great playlist by the way :-)

dvsone said...

marry screw kill is possibly the most farfetched game ever. and just because alex came up in your post, last time we all played he lost every round.

and by lost i mean was killed in various (very imaginative) ways.