Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cuz if you’re not really here, then I don’t want to be either

New favorite song?
^^Black & Gold. I’ve been listening to the Katy Perry version on repeat for the past couple of days. I'm obsessed. Anywho. I’m doing a bit of a picture catch up before I will have to take a hiatus from posting because I will not have access to a computer when I am in my Opa and Oma’s apartment IN THE ALPS OF GERMANY! So. Yeah. I’m excited.
Sunday, April 5th
A little thing I drew for the girls on Saturday.
Monday, April 6th

We’ve been busy packing. It's been tricky deciding what to bring though. One day, the forecast says it will be in the 60s, the next it says that there will be snow on Easter. I'm packing my dresses anyway. Cold be damned!

It rained all day (which I love of course.) Katie and I went on a run around the Y. We did this "fun trail" with yellow signs. We were pretty wet when we got back inside, but we had a good time.
Tuesday, April 7th

The sign in the computer lab we were in for math today. I had to grab my camera and take a picture when I saw it. I love little comments that people add to signs like that.

We were supposed to be researching how to get the equation for the elliptical orbit of Saturn to the sun. The girl on the left was doing what we were supposed to; Alex and I weren't. He was on ticketsnow.com and I was documenting it.
Yeah...so the three of us don't get much done on a regular basis.
Meet George. He's fluent in Greek and visits Greece often to see family. He came right to the back of the bus (Emmy and I were on our way to the poetry recitation contest) and told us not to be loud because he had to take a nap. He slept with his grapes on his stomach. I'm glad I know him.

The group. Four of us had to leave right after we recited our poems to get to our band concert (I play the bass clarinet at school.) After the concert--which went very well despite me thinking I wouldn't be able to make a sound from my very chipped reed--Sarah gave me the dress that she had ordered! I LOVE IT! I already loved it from the picture she showed me, but it was just as beautiful holding it and seeing it in person.

Thumbs up? It's a keeper.

Headphones with no music? It's all in my head. And you might guess which song I'm singing.


E said...

I really like your flowy black skirt - I've been trying to find something similar actually to duplicate a Rodarte look. Nice!

Adela said...

pink and black is such a lovely color combination! =)