Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"I love the quote...the one by Winnie the Pooh...Huh, you see, that ALMOST sounded intellectual."

In 14 hours I will be on my way to the aiport! YIPEE!! Oh dear. Did I just say 'yipee?' Because I don't think people actually say that. I mean, can you typically work that expression into your everyday life? Like..."How was the flight, Sylvia?" "Good, I met Rupert Grint and we made out in the airplane bathroom. Yipee!" Hey, wait, maybe so.

I met Katie at the Y after school and stopped in the racquetball court. I thought it would be a really cool place for pictures so I did some self timer stuff, but I was really jumpy the whole time. I kept imagining people walking in and seeing me. And then I kept imagining my awkward response, which was really worse than someone walking in in the first place.

Katie told me that I looked "ethnic." It kind of got to my head.

Note the beautiful earrings from Bex! I told you my friends have excellent taste.
The beads are not a typical part of my outfits (though perhaps I should make it one) but we had the Variety Show in school today and it was part of the costume. We have a week of language and art festivities at our school every year and the Variety Show is probably the best event. Different language classes go on stage and dance, sing, or really whatever. My German class did a dance to the song "Ich bin dein Gummibär." Another class did a techno German song in crazy outfits and some pretty kick ass dancing. My friend Ginger wrote a beautiful song in French and another, Edwin, writes fabulous poetry every year. So anyway. That explains the festive beads.

I pointed out the "proceed slowly" sign to Katie and how I wanted to defy it. So she immediately asked if I wanted her to run past it. Then this began.


Oh dear. Defying the rules all over the place.
The house was a beautiful blue. And I loved it with the yellow flowers. Katie said it just looked so perfect. With the trees, it looks like an ideal clubhouse hide out.

The sky was doing some pretty things today. Like occasionally if you looked at the right moment, you could spot this portal of steaming sun in the midst of a rather bleak gray-white-blue.
Well that concludes the last post before my week and a half hiatus. I fear for my hard drive when I come back. If I take upwards of 900 pics in one day, just guess how many I take in ten times that amount of time.
(Photo by Nick Turpin)
This man's work is phenomenal. He captures street in an artsy, whimsical, and truthful way. I love the feel of this photo though. THOSE PASSENGERS WILL BE ME SOON! Except in less comfortable seats...and without room to put my feet up...okay, so this won't exactly be me soon. But I'll be in a plane! And I can't wait for the airport too. Airports rock. Well, have a lovely week, all!


Lily said...

Gorgeous photos! hehe yes photoshoots are exceedingly embarrassing. I refuse to do mine in a public place as the prospect of others seeing is very mortifying.

Flashes of Style said...

thank you so much for the lovely comment! I really like the landscape photography in this entry. :)

Adela said...

your so pretty! love the earrings!


Emmy said...

sylvie i miss you, don't know what i'm going to do without you for a week!


tucker said...

by the way: my friend from crew grew up in Germany and has all these amazing children's books that are translations of ones I used to read as a kid. I might bring it in to gloat over Magnano and I thought you might be interested since you are so German-y.

p.s. we must work on our duet!

Phuongalong said...

awww. ich vermisse deutschland auch.