Sunday, April 19, 2009

"Wo ist die Toilette bitte?"

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! My trip to Germany was absolutely phenomenal. I literally cannot say I would have changed one thing about it...well except for wanting to make out with the hot French boy in the airplane bathroom a reality...but MOVING ON. It was fantastic.
So basically I took 3201 pictures in the 7 days I was away, and although I know it would be much appreciated to just post them all here, I'm going to spread out some of my favorites. And in handy little categories, i.e outfits (FAVORITE PART), food (I LIED. my tied for first favorite part!), people (ahh but people watching is just so much fun, too!), scenery (I miss it already), dirndl shopping (favorite activity), and other good ol' German stuff. For now, here are some fun bathroom doors we spotted. This collection was spurred on by the first two below.

^^Oh okay, so this must be the men's...

...or. Not?
Nothing beat this pair, but after that, it just became tradition.

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