Friday, July 31, 2009

All Dressed Up And Nowhere To Go

I remember first hearing that when I was a fabric store. I was in line to get my pieces cut, and the lady behind the counter was looking at the fabric selection of the person in front of me saying, "Oh, I just love this. I got some the other day and thought I would make something, but I was just all dressed up and nowhere to go. All dressed up and nowhere to go." She repeated it a couple of times like in a daze and then she sighed and continued on with her work.
I've thought about it many times since then when I put on an oufit for no particular purpose except that I want to prance around in my yard feeling like the woods is a pathway to a party with my closest friends and the grass is merely a different shade of 'red carpet.' These photos were from one of those days.

Soprano dress, thrifted for a dollar white house black market shoes, borrowed earrings and ring from mom, Forever 21 headband, Children's Place jacket, TJMaxx tights

Then on my way back in, I thought I'd stop by and do some brick wall photos.
If you know me, you know I like to take a lot of pictures, many times of the same thing only with the slightest bit of difference in each. If you'll bear with me for the next three, tell me which you like the best!

After I came back to reality, I got redressed to go see a town production of Footloose and eat at the local diner with Lily.
It's pouring outside now. It wasn't when I started writing this, but now everything is about 6 notches darker and it's raining like crazy. I kind of have the urge to go outside and just lie in it. But then again considering I had to take a couple of advil this morning because of impending sickness, maybe just listening to it might be better. Well, today I plan to read books, read blogs, watch things, listen to things, clean my room (or you know, not), and then go to Lily's for dinner. After I'm going to sleep over at Bex's so I can dogsit Mr. Frodo. The family's in California for the weekend and left me behind with some delicious treats (i.e. apple pie, fruit salad, pistachio ice cream) for my stay over. I'm looking forward to it.
Well, I'll see you all soon!


clarewbrown said...

You are SOOOO gorgeous! Love the hair, love the dress, love thw bow! You look like an American Apparel model or something! Last night I was dressed up with no where to go, hahah. My friend and I wandered around the city for about 45 minutes before we decided to just have a second dinner at this cute restaurant... at 11:00 pm.

Have fun with your yummy treats this weekend!

Hayley said...

Thanks for my comment!
I love all these pictures, you look so great in them.
And I know exactly what you mean, some days I just get all dressed up just to sit at home and watch television. It makes it so much more interesting and glamorous I think.
I linked you on my blog by the way, I hope you don't mind!


olivia lucile said...

1} you look like a model out of vogue

2} these pictures and the outfit is just so magical. like something out of shakespeare's "a midsummer night's dream". you are a fairy or somethging(:

Bella said...

Absolutely gorgeous... this is magic. xx

heleen db said...

Haha yes I do that too! Making myself all pretty, and then I just sit in the garden or go for a walk.
I really like your headband, and there are some quite astonishing pictures in this bunch! Lovely!

Crystal Ball said...

The second to last picture of you (with the bow) is so beautiful. The dress, especially the color, does wonders on your skin. I love it.

Kelley Anne said...

Great pictures...and that dress is really stunning. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Hannah said...

I absolutely love the brick wall shots :D
Out of the ones you can't decide I like the third :)

I LOVE that dress! Wow! :D It's stunning!


Style Bird said...

Love the dress and the photos.

simplychic said...

this dress is lovely. nothing better than being overdressed. i used to always be so concerned abt this, but now if i feel like putting it on...that's what i do ;)

The Clothes Horse said...

That dress is very pretty. I don't buy some very formal pieces b/c I never have somewhere to wear them, but I do tend to be more dressed up than other's a shame to not wear our favorite pieces just because we don't have special events to attend. :)

Roz said...

Thats a very pretty dress, it has a lovely shape and the colour is beautiful!
Thanks for the very nice comment. (:

natalie said...

Ugh, you are too freaking gorgeous! The dress is a great so pretty, and I absolutely love your hair :) All of the brick wall pictures are great, but I think I like the third one the best!

That's so nice of Bex's family to leave you all those goodies! And haha, I love that name, Mr. Frodo :) It inspires me to name my next pet after a Lord of the Rings character!

Have a fabulous weekend!

Monica said...

Gorgeous photos. My grandmother always uses that "all dressed up..." line. Out of those 3 pictures you were asking about, I like the 2nd one best.

Raez said...

oo! love teh pics, so dreamy, and hat a great coloured dress;)

xx raez

blorange dice said...

Ooo, what a lovely day! That dress is just so awesome- you look great in it and those tights match up perfectly. And your hair! It's beautiful!!

I love the Secret Garden-esque quality about these shots especially (:

Isa said...

you are a fairy.
and I love your take on 'all dressed up and nowhere to go'.
I have nowhere to go tonight, but then again, I'm just wearing leggings and a shirt..


Catherine said...

I love these photos. Sometimes there's just nothing better than feeling pretty just for the sake of it.

E said...

Oh gorgeous photos, once again! I love the color on your dress, too!

Diane said...

I am loving the knife pleats in your dress! Also, I love that they are called "knife pleats."

You should've stayed in that dress to go out with your friend! I always enjoy dressing up to do everyday things, it makes it seem that much more special.

yiqin; said...

You are beautiful! I love the headband! You wear the color so well too :D

Twobreadsplease said...

Beautiful dress, i love the pleats and the colour! x

jules said...

I love your dress! Crazy cool photos.

Missa said...

Gorgeous! My favorite shots are #3,4,6(your eyes are stunning in this one), and 13 from the top :)

p.s. from the 3 you asked about I like the top one the best. Oh, and a town production of Footloose sounds like great fun!

catherine_sr. said...

The color and knife pleats on that dress are amazing! I worked in a fabric store during high school and your post brought back a lot of memories for me. It was so hard to save my wages because there's was always something that I wanted to sew!

OhLove. said...

What a lovely, sunny garden you have. I like the dress too.

Zhcsyra hp said...

omg.,i wanna steal ur outfits and hows the cute ur face.,:))