Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Wanna know painful? Sitting front row at The Perfect don't give me no sass."

Warning! Warning. The below is a mere glimpse of all the pictures to come. I will be very impressed if you stay with me, here!
So...why, you ask? Why do I have so many pictures? What have I been up to lately? Well, I'm glad you asked! I've just been doing...

...the usual. Getting two hours of sleep and then taking a 5:37 train into the city, attempting to see Shakespeare in the Park but then getting there and seeing that the 22nd person in line has been waiting there since 9:00 last night, asking eating blueberries on rocks, talking to random strangers, going to tkts, Katherine calling me a creeper more times than I can count for taking pictures of people I found interesting (aka everyone), accidentally going to Harlem due to Katherine's navigation, going to find the Met and failing, seeing the most beautiful couple in the world, deciding to take a visit to the Museum of Natural History instead and then leaving a couple of minutes after because we were to cheap to pay admission, going to see a truly terrible play that came highly recommended, going to dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner where the waiters/waitresses sing because they haven't made it on Broadway...yet, going to the Upper East Side, going to Little Italy, eating gelato, talking to really adorable Italian guys, going back to Grand Central, getting on a train, going home, and sleeping until 2:30 the next afternoon and only waking up because my mom came in asking if i knew what time it was. Like I said, the usual.

We saw the Twelfth Night poster out the window on the train and saw it as a good omen.

We decided to walk the distance from Grand Central to Central Park. Of course we ended up on the East Side and had to walk a mile and a half through the park to get to the actual line, but what did it matter? It was just the day for a lovely (albeit pretty long) walk.

One of the first of the many dog walking sightings! Sarah, the biggest fan of dogs I have ever met, was a little disappointed that none of the owners asked her if she wanted to pet their dogs when we walked by.

And alas, we arrived! Unfortunately, so had half the city...

I saw this guy and found him interesting with his awesome sunglasses and book, so I started taking some undercover pictures. This was before he realized...
...this was when he realized and started covering his face with his book...
...when we realized that HE realized.
Everyone slept over with mattresses and sleeping bags. We didn't have a prayer of getting tickets.

Admitting defeat, we ate a breakfast of fruit and chocolate covered fruit on the rocks.
Our shaggy friend came to say hi.

The subway became our new best friend...

HARRY POTTAH!!!!! Which by the way, I totally saw at midnight and thought was pretty great. Definitely the best of the ones with Michael Gambon. AHH. I was a big fan.
These girls were so sweet! And I loved them and their friend's outfits.
We went to Times Square to see what we could get cheap ticket wise at tkts.
In black and white:

I didn't get them. :(

"Love at first bite." They just didn't know it.
The most beautiful couple ever!
It reminded me of a poem:
Boulevard Du Montparnasse
Mary Jo Salter
Once, in a doorway in Paris, I saw
the most beautiful couple in the world.
They were each the single most beautiful thing in the world.
She would have been sixteen, perhaps; he twenty.
Their skin was the same shade of black: like a shiny Steinway.
And they stood there like the four-legged instrument
of a passion so grand one could barely imagine them
ever working, or eating, or reading a magazine.
Even they could hardly believe it.
Her hands gripped his belt loops, as they found each other's eyes,
because beauty like this must be held onto,
could easily run away on the power
of his long, lean thighs; or the tiny feet of her laughter.
I thought: now I will write a poem,
set in a doorway on the Boulevard du Montparnasse,
in which the brutishness of time
rates only a mention; I will say simply
that if either one should ever love another,
a greater beauty shall not be the cause.

After trying to find the Met and then realizing it was on the other side of Central Park, we decided to get back on the subway and head back to Times Sqaure. But then we saw the sign and thought...well, why not? At least, it's free. Not so much. And we didn't have enough time to get our money's worth. However, Sarah did spot this foursome who we thought could have easily been a British band, so she told me to take a picture, just in case they hit their fame some day.

We went to tkts before or picnic lunch and got tickets to a show three people had HIGHLY recommended. It was cheap, so we thought why not? the time we left, it was more like WHY. WHY. WHY??? At first we were super excited because we had front row seats, then we realized there was a reason that the theater was only about 1/3 filled.

The highlight of the show was probably before when Sarah and I raced up the stairs to beat Chris and Katherine on the elevator.

After we went to this diner,

where the waiters and waitresses sing between waiting the tables.

Yeah, we took the subway a lot. I love the subway. So many interesting people to see.

We went to the Upper East Side to do some shopping...but we didn't want to test Chris's patience too much, so we only got to one store.
We had to wait outside the subway because we went to the wrong subway station and used our passes too quickly in succession.
I was distressed, clearly.
My new dream apartment!
Studious Katherine in Little Italy.
We snagged a picture before the hot Italian guy come over. I hastily put my camera away, but he smiled and said we could do whatever we wanted...swoon.
Raspberry and pistachio! Delicious.
Outfit details:
Forever 21 skirt, Urban Behavior top, Forever 21 necklace, Laila Rowe bracelet, ring made in Girl Scouts way back when
And finally, back to Grand Central! It felt like being home.
Thanks for staying with me through all of this!
xxxx, more soon, especially about Harry Potter...


natalie said...

You are so lucky to live in New York City! It seems like there's so much awesome stuff to do there all the time... here it's just boring, boring, boring :P But hahaha, my friends always call me a creeper for taking pictures of random people too. I love the picture where you realized that he realized that you were taking pictures of him :D Great photos and I love everyone's outfits! It looks like you had a fabulous time

Oh and- HARRY POTTER! I saw it at midnight too, and also thought it was pretty darn great. I might even call it... one of the best ones yet? I'll have to see it again until I fully decide haha.

Jamie said...

Great photos. I really enjoyed looking through them all. And it's nice to just sit down and look around at people :]

Danielle said...

Oh my goodness! So many photos. Cute outfit. Looks like you and your friends sure know how to have a good time.

Hayley said...

it sounds like you had tons of fun! i love NYC(: also, you take the most beautiful photos! they're so interesting...
my favorites are the timeline of the guy reading on the bench. loveeee it. hahahhaha (:

Ash Fox said...

awesome pics! i was in central park tonight for an opera. so cool experiencing opera outdoors.


Amelia said...

Gorgeous pictures! Too bad you couldn't get a ticket, but it sounds like you had a good time, anyway. I wish I lived within train-riding distance of NYC. I've still never been :(

Oh, and I like your skirt, too.

suzannah said...

thanks *so* much for your comment ^.^ these pictures are so lovely <3

mice said...

Really cute post!
Love those photos! (:

Nathalia said...

Great pics :-) Love the poem!
Tahnks for your comment, and yes: i can speak spanish :-)

muchlove said...

Fantastic pictures! You really captured some great candid moments throughout the day. I especially like your pictures of strangers. I wish I had the guts to do that, but I'm always so shy with my camera. Looks like you guys had so much fun exploring NYC.

P.S. thank you so much for your comment! No, my drawings aren't on Etsy, but I am thinking about it. I still need to improve - and get some confidence - first! Thanks for the encouraging comment.

Franzi said...

Dein Blog ist super toll! Werde dich mal verlinken...

michellehendra said...

wow! i want to be there someday! btw, i have a friend who's staying in NYC for her holiday days, and i envy her so much! looks like you've got great time!


Hannah said...

I've never been to NYC, but I would so love to go someday because it looks like an amazing city!!
You seem to have captured the pulse in the heart of the city in each picture captured. It really is marvelous.
The poem is wonderful and you're right, it is fitting with the couple!


asunlitday said...

wow that looks like so much fun! I wish I could do that!!!

and about Harry Potter, I agree about Ginny's character, they make her such a plain Jane! ):

briannelee said...

It looks like you had an awesome day! Your pictures and stories reminded me of my teenage years running around Boston w/ my best friend :) So fun!

Nicci said...

So jealous! Love the photos especially.

clarewbrown said...

Isn't it great when you can just take a day and enjoy the city? I should do something like this as well! These photos are all quite beautiful! I love the poem!!

Thanks so very much for your lovely blog comment! Your blog is very beautiful, I am glad you introduced me to it!


Clara said...

you have many photos.
I liked all of them.


Micaela said...

Wow, what a perfectly lovely long post :)
Thanks for taking so many pictures of NYC so that I can travel vicariously through you :)

Dane said...

Great photos, I especially loved the series of shots of the guy in the awesome sunnies, reading and then covering his face, hilarious.

Cathy Voyage said...

Lovely pics!
I want to live in NYC once, too!

Pierrot le Fou said...

This made me laugh, so cute, love the photos! I liked Harry Potter too, but wish I'd seen it in 3D

dapper kid said...

These photographs are so, so amazing!! Looks like you had an absolutely wonderful time :) I am in awe of those people who queued up all night, that is some serious dedication. I so need to visit NY one of these days!

daftdaffy said...

1) i am in love with your photos

2) i am so jealous you live so near the city(:

Cruz said...

Nice post! Looks like you had fun.

kirstyb said...

Seems like you have been super busy! Love the pics xoxoxox

yiqin; said...

Boy, I need to watch Harry Potter soon! Btw, sucha fun post! I enjoyed all the photos :D

Annie said...

i LOVE that poem. i read it in the 180 anthology that billy collins edited and i was like... WOW. this is gorgeous. i wish i could have taken part in your city adventures!