Friday, July 24, 2009

It Takes Seven Minutes To Take A Bath

That is, according to a certain few Family Feud contestants. So, in another news, summer now officially involves the Game Show Network......and I'm not even embarrassed. Well, not THAT much. Channel 75 is quickly becoming a staple in the rare free minutes of summer. And honestly, who can't resist sitting down for a moment or lingering by the television to catch a quick glimpse of Family Feud or Chain Reaction or a very young (still brunette) David Letterman on Password Plus?...well okay, fine. Probably a lot of people could pass it up. But STILL.
Anyway, moving on to real life, I'm in a play that just opened yesterday! It's Shakespeare's As You Like It which I knew nothing about when we began rehearsing a month ago but now really love it. There are three more performances to go! Here are some shots I took during dress week of the show.

Listening: occasional bark from Mr. Frodo, Becky’s dog
Reading: The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides, and Becky and I are reading aloud My First Love (which, as you can probably tell from the title is a very cheesy--albeit very fun to read with a friend--romance novel)
Drinking: Nothing, but I'm actually rather parched, so I might just get something to drink after I post this!
Eating: homegrown cucumber by Becky and her neighbor’s string beans
Wearing: tie dye (made semi recently with a couple of friends) v-neck and navy blue capris. You don't really need much when you spend the day reading, playing clarinet duets, and watching Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.
Watching: The Game Show Network, obviously.
Thinking: Bex and I totally need to get a fake family together and go on Family Feud...or grab another person and get on Chain Reaction.
Anticipating: My first paycheck and the second performance of As You Like It
Wanting: Fresh salad on pita with salmon and feta cheese! Bex, if you are reading this right now...this is a hint. Ha. Just kidding. But not really. Anyway, also wanting to be lying on the beach or skydiving or something.
Obsessed with: Clearly the game show network. It’s funny what people say under pressure. Like that it take seven minutes to take a bath (?) or that monkey is a five letter word.
Will be posting very soon in the next couple of days!
Am now off to go eat and then read all of your lovely blogs...(:
Have a great weekend,


Danielle said...

Re your comment: I do the scottish drumming for fun. Actually, my school has a bagpipe band, and my city has it's own bagpipe band. I got into the scottish drumming in the summer of seventh grade. I live in Dunedin, and apparently it's a sister city to a city in Scotland. So we have Scottish heritage. Pretty cool stuff:)

The costumes look so fun!

Hannah said...

Hahaha the game show network.... ;D
Family Feud is hilarious. I love how the families are always complete opposites :P

I absolutely ADORE Shakespeare's As You Like It. I read it a month or so ago when I had nothing else to do and really liked it! I hope you have fun in the play!


Sarah said...

!!!!! I am not even kidding you, I am obsessed with Chain Reaction and Dylan Lane. I have such a crush on him! And sounds like your summer's going good. :) The play looks awesome, can't wait to see it!

Twobreadsplease said...

The play looks so lovely! And ooo, I've read virgin suicides before, what do you think of it? I prefer the film, I think, but i'm easily seduced by sofia coppola's pinky tones. x

Arielle said...

lovely blog!

natalie said...

The people on Family Feud can be so stupid sometimes! I forget what the question was, but I do remember that it was the most obvious thing ever and no one was getting it, and I was just standing there shrieking at the TV. But yes, game shows are very addicting!

I don't know anything about As You Like It, but it looks pretty good to me haha. All of the costumes look awesome!

Oh my gosh, I want a dog named Mr. Frodo! That is the best name ever! :D And argh, I want to read The Virgin Suicides so badly, but they just don't even have it at my library :P

Have a great weekend yourself! :)

Hayley said...

GSN IS LOVE. seriously. i thought i was taboo for watching it.. the only other people i know that watch it is... well... my sister. because we watch it together. haha. but i love all the old game shows. family feud and match game are my faves (:
oh, and today i happened to see 1 vs. 100. not too bad. hahah.
i'm such a sucker for a good game show...

kirstyb said...

Pics look fantatstic - hope it goes well xxoox

michellehendra said...

LOL, great post.. so entertaining :)