Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Make A Wish, It's 11:11

...or it was, when I first started writing this. But wishing on the minute a clock changes feels like summer, doesn't it? Or maybe it feels like every day of the year, but still. Well, in other news, I've been a pretty horrible blogger lately. And by that I mean, I have not been able to catch up on all you lovely bloggers out there! I miss you and all your fabulousness A LOT. So let me catch you up on me, and then we can talk about YOU!
Dress Codes

Lily's mom was having a party with a black and white dress code and I took the theme farther than it should be allowed to go. I mean, I was giving some people dirty looks for having the slightest touch of blue in their outfit. Except for my eyes which I regrettably did not have any contacts for, I was in black and white, baby! But I mean, c'mon people, even the DOG followed the dress code!

Forever 21 headband, borrowed pearls from mom, Gap dress

Me, Sarah, Lily, and Bex.
The Dough Girl's Helper

Went to visit Lily who has a summer job baking and selling cookies. It sounds so perfect for her, I just can't believe it. Now if only she could get paid for watching movies and talking about Seth Rogen and she would REALLY have her perfect job.

Some of her own work!

She's also quite the saleswoman. Just look at how delighted that kid looks!
The World's A Stage, Clearly.
Thanks for the comments on the play pictures I put up in my last post! The four performances all went really well, the last one being the best. I miss it already. Above is a picture from a scene that I was in. In the front with Pikachu is my brother. He played Silvius and I played Corin, so I was kind of like his sidekick. It was the first time we really worked together in a show, so it ended up being a lot of fun. Photo cred to Chris Randazzo.
I Had Forgotten What New York Is Like... new eyes that is! It's kind of delightful pretending to see it for the first time. Laura, a really sweet girl from Austria is visiting America for the first time and a few of my friends and I have been showing her around some sights on the East Coast. You can read more about it here on my completely lovely friend Sarah's blog. If you haven't checked her blog out yet, definitely do. Her posts are such a joy to read with really great descriptions and some ultra fabulous pictures. Okay. Gushing OVER. Moving on.
Even seeing yellow taxis completely thrilled her. And believe me, the excitement really was contagious.
Her first NYC subway experience...
The Brooklyn apartment which she is staying in with her old family friend was so fabulous. So much space and literally every room was painted a different vibrant color.

It has a view of the Statue of Liberty. It didn't really translate into pictures, but in person the silhouette was absolutely stunning.

Then on my way back to Grand Central, I saw this. And my day was complete.
Now. Enough about me. Let's talk about, talk about, talk about YOU.


daftdaffy said...

omigoodness dearie your blog is just so lovely. i have to say that every time i visit it(:

btw, i have that gap dress. great taste! perfect for summer!

muchlove said...

Nice pictures! I love red skies.

Kim Mohr said...

That's so much fun! A dress code for a party. I've never seen a job like that... you get to bake the cookies. And that's cool that you're showing Laura around New York.

Hannah said...

Wow, I totally dream of NYC. Each of these pictures makes me desire a trip more and more!

Hahaah if only you had either coal black eyes or contacts to make them that way, eh? It would have been PERFECT! :P
I love the dress! Stunning!


Hayley said...

i love NYC... (: and i'm so so glad you're back!

natalie said...

All of your black-and-white outfits look wonderful in black-and-white :) That's amazing that the dogs also adhered to the dress code :D

The cookie job looks like so much fun! Too bad there isn't really a job where you watch movies and talk about people though hahaha. But the starfish and little tiny mermaid are fantastic!

That's a fabulous Pikachu stuffed animal :D! I want one hehe. I'm glad to hear that the performances all went great!

Oh my goodness. I wish I lived in NYC, you are unbelievably lucky! :P Her first experience with the city sounds lovely with you guys as her guide hehe, especially with the Harry Potter poster!

Have a great rest of the week :)

Wanderlusting said...

Love that black dress and the doggie pics :)

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

the puppies are adorable, and nyc looks lovely, i wish i were there!! xx

Sarah said...

Hmmm where do I begin? Maybe I'll start with you're the best best best best best friend ever? :) But seriously, thank you so much for including me in your blog. I love this post! You and Laura look like you're having an amazing time. Your black and white outfit is again, fantastic. So gorgeous. And those doggies! That was a lot of fun. Aha love the dancing picture tons. Miss you, hopefully see you really really soon, you stunning girl :)

Amelia said...

I love the idea of a black and white dress code party. And those cookies look delicious. This post is so summer-y!

kirstyb said...

love your pics that dress looks lovely xoxoox