Monday, June 22, 2009

And At Last, Summer Begins

Wednesday, June 17th: Pretending Like School Was Already Over

Four of us went thrifting, pretending like school was already over. Although I suppose for the three of them it might have been , I still had the much dreaded math final.

From left to right: Emily, Emmy, me, and Annie.

After, we went to get lunch around the corner. Fries for the table was a must.

Kobi decided it had been too long since he had last made an appearance on the blog.

"Awkward Matt"

Outside the library, I took pictures after studying very studiously (ahem) for my math final.

My fake Converse (they're actually called Jokers) from Germany.

Thursday, June 18th: And it's over for real!

With a quick change of plans, my four friends and I went to Lily's house and decided to take a rain check on seeing 'Up.' Instead, we watched Trivial Pursuit and Family Feud.

The afternoon consisted of two pizzas, an episode (or two...) of Arthur (the one above would be Buster's Amish Mismatch), game shows, and renting Bride Wars.

Sarah's a star, clearly!

Friday, June 21st: And Vacation Begins

I've been into biking, although granted sometimes it's just doing circles in my driveway. I took it out while I was waiting for Bex.

Becky caught me later taking pictures of her. I tried to be discreet with the ones of others in the restaurant, but I'm not sure if I always succeeded in that!

I was in one of those moods where I just looked at the menu and anything sounded good, and I would have been lost in the decision making, so I just got what Becky was ordering: shrimp kebabs.
After we went shopping and Bex and I determined that we needed to win the lottery so we could afford everything from Zara.

On the way home, we got stopped by a passing train. I had decided a year ago that it was my life's goal to be the first in line. It was my third or fourth being stopped in front of one, and I oddly get excited every time.
Saturday, June 20th: Reunited & Graduation

My four friends from the volleyball team had been attempting for months to reunite at the local diner. The first time we all went together, Katherine and I were in a British mood and put on accents. Since then, we've been told we have lovely accents and asked where in England we are from. Now it's just a grand tradition.

Guess which continent?
Katherine wandering off to get poison ivy AGAIN after she just got over a bad spell of it the week before.

After, Jackie, Katherine, and I went to graduation. Even though we're not graduating, everyone in chorus, band, and orchestra has to go to perform. I think I would like to go anyway, even if I didn't have to. Although it can be long, it's a nice tribute to play one last time with the departing seniors.

Yes, we do modeling on the side.

Bex and I went to get dinner after. I got penne vodka.

It's hard for us to take normal pictures...

...yes, it's very hard.
I am SO ready for summer.
...though I might be missing school, just a tad. Hmm, whoops, what? Who said that?


Damsels said...

love your dresss

and matt looks like someone i know

Cathy Voyage said...

I love these posts, where you write what you did!

The Clothes Horse said...

Fun pictures. Your friends don't see shy at all!
P.S. Nasha is far from new--I've been doing irregular posts on her for almost a year now. There's a "Nasha" button on my sidebar to see more Nasha posts if you're interested.

Sarah said...

Love your outfits in all of these pictures :)

queen atika said...

i like this post (:

Suzanne said...

thanks! oh, i love the left dress. the pattern is very beautiful.

Monika said...

you made a nice story;) Thanks for visiting my blog;) Hope you'll enjoy it;)!!

•¦Amy¦• said...

Hooray for summertime!
Such pretty photos :D

Nathalia said...

Great post, and great pics!
You seem very winsome, haha :-).

E said...

I need some colorful chucks like yours. And it looks like you had so much fun!

asunlitday said...

I love the way you formatted this post. Your friends seem like so much fun!!
Your blog is really cool by the way.
P.S-I was reading your bio(the thing on the side thats about you haha), and I agree with almost all of it!
Hogwarts is real...

Nahna said...

This is a nice long post.... I love the pictures, especially the one with your shopping finds ;)


Luxi said...

such fun photos and so pretty too, they gave me a giggle and a swoon


n a t a l i e said...

Lucky! Your thrift store seems like it actually has some good stuff worth buying in it. The nearest one to me on the other hand does not, at all.

Yuuum! All of the food looks really really delicious :D That's hilarious about you putting on the British accents and getting asked about them! I would've started laughing and ruined it.

Your friends all look pretty amazing, as do all of the clothes worn in all of the (also amazing) pictures! Happy summer :)

blorange dice said...

oh my goodness, your blog is just wonderful!!!!! i'm so happy to have come across it (:

oh, and your friend matt looks like the coolest. yay for thrifting! and for school being over/almost over.

mi said...

cool photos!

yiqin; said...

Ah so fun!!! I want fries now :D

frances said...

food porn and arthur! love it x

Ash Fox said...

yum! i could eat all of that now!

Nicole Then said...

wow, u look like u found loads of treasures at the thrift store! cool, nice pics too ;)

alyssa said...

thanks for taking a peek at FICKLEFACE!!

i love your photos! great work!