Saturday, June 6, 2009

And The Award Goes To...

So, finally, I have time! I recieved a phenomenal tag from Annie a bit ago and since then, I've been telling myself I would get to it as soon as I possibly could. And, P.S Annie, I took the pictures in front of a brick wall because I know it's your favorite :) And without further ado, let the ceremony begin!

The Day to Night Award

I bought this Frenchi dress at a Nordstorm in New York. I was shopping with my friend and passed it, immediately falling in love with the color and cutouts at the top. It was the only one and I was discouraged when I saw it only came in a size smaller than I would usually get. However, I tried it on anyway, and a couple of years later, I’m still in love with it! I imagine the look on the left functioning as a work outfit in the city and then unwinding with some friends with the look on the right.

Die Liebe von meinem Leben Award

DIRNDL! Possibly my most craved piece of item pre-purchase. I was visiting my Oma and Opa in Garmisch-Partenkirchen with my parents this April break and you would be surprised to see just how many women still wear dirndls. I’m not claiming that all over Germany the stereotypical impression of clothing is correct, but in the Alps, it was very common—especially in stores and restaurants. On Easter Sunday, the whole city was decked out in their finest dirndls and lederhosen. It would have looked out of place not to be wearing the attire! I tried to think rationally: would I ever wear it when I returned home? Yes! I thought. Am I being crazy? Yes! I thought. But my mom, dad, and I headed out to the wonderful shop down the street, and I can confidently say that dirndl shopping is my favorite thing ever. The woman explained in German that “Women who are taken tie their bow on the right and women who are not tie it on the left…but then on Oktoberfest, everybody ties it on the left!” I bought the one my mom and I had first fallen in love with in the window display, and my Opa and Oma were so pleased that I decided to keep it on for the rest of the day. I must say, I felt fabulous…although, I made my parents talk in German whenever we were in the presence of other people so it seemed like I was just your average German and not some American tourist who had been swept away in the old trend (which I suppose, frankly, I was.) But still, I must ask, why oh why can’t we wear dirndls everyday? Because it is, truly as the award says, 'the love of my life.'
The Ferocious Foreigner Award

I bought this on the same trip to Germany when I went out shopping in Garmisch. I’ve been feeling a bit of love towards the animal prints lately, so I was very pleased to find this skirt!
The Necessity Award

Probably one of my best Forever 21 finds, this dress matches with all different types of cardigans and tights. I love the way it falls, and I always feel so comfortable and nice in it. I’ve worn it to dances, trips into the city, and on holidays, and it never disappoints.
The Traveler's Companion Award

About three years ago when my friend Becky took me to South Carolina to visit her relatives, I wore this on the plane. I decided that a week later on our return flight, I would wear it again. Ever since then, I wear this dress on any airplane trip or travel venture within another place I make.
The Feel Good 40s Award

I love the polka dot print and sleeves on this one! I’ve worn it on Thanksgiving and when I went to see Equus (!) with Annie and Jess, and I love its comfortableness (hey, did not know that this was a real word!) and 40s esque vibe.

The Blessed Hand Me Down Award

Before my oldest best friend moved away to Memphis, her mom asked if I wanted this skirt. She is a notorious shopper, so it wasn’t uncommon for her to return or give away things she realized she didn’t want. At first I wasn’t sure if I would want it, but now I’m really glad I took it. I can wear it different ways and it has cropped up in a couple of photoshoots.

The 50s Thrifty Award

I was trying on a dress at the thrift store when I heard Annie say, “Wait, Sylvia…I love this.” I pulled aside the curtain and saw Annie hugging a Granny beach themed sweater. It was truly adorable. A moment later, Annie had found another one. She only had money for one and because I decided this one could not be left behind, I bought it! We’ve traded them once or twice, and I absolutely LOVE this sweater!
The Best “Borrowed” Award
Can you still say it was borrowed when the person doesn't know you took it? This lovely skirt is not technically mine though it has been in my closet for a year or two. Becky and I were raiding closets at her house and found this skirt in her sister’s. We went on to have a photoshoot, and I really never took it off. Fortunately for me, a) Becky is kind and b) her sister likely never noticed! **Honorable Mention to the two sweaters I have on in these pictures. What could I do without you blue and yello cardigans? Note, the blue is also from Becky's closet. THANKS BEX!**

The Dynamite Deal Award

Okay, ready for this? Originally this was $139, then to 99….then….I got it for…………$6.88! Yes that is, 6 dollars and 88 cents. I think that is the best bargain I will ever see in my life. And besides the amazing deal, my mom said it reminded her of West London in the 60s and hearing what kind of city, time period, and vibe people associate when looking at things always makes me very happy, so all in all, I just needed to buy it.
The Greatest Gift Award

Another purchase made in Germany when I went last summer. I hadn’t really brought any good walking shoes, so my uncle and aunt remedied it with this amazing pair of shoes! I think this is a lesson to all to be slightly unprepared when traveling so you can later fill in the gaps with beautiful little buys.
Well, I had an enormous amount of fun! I tag:
Have a lovely weekend!


Annie said...


Danielle said...

You have amazing clothes. I love this "give awards to your clothes" thing. I've seen it on a couple of other blogs.

Stephanie and Silvya said...

Lovely outfits! I really love the day to night, traveler's companion, and the 50's thrifty! :]


jules said...

i love the 50's one, this is such a super cool tag!

Damsels said...

i love that blue dress

vorega badalamenti said...

the dynamite deal award.. so cool!

Lily said...

OoO the night to day blue dress is fab! Is it velvet?

mice said...

All of those outfits looks gorgeous!
Especially I really love all dresses! (:

Martine said...

thank you so much
the location is my back yard :)
i looove your clothes
that german look dress is so awesome
lovele lovely!

jayne said...

I love your "travel" dress and the day-to-night dress is a truly astounding feat! love your blog, would you like to trade links?

Parapluie said...

This is great! You own so many great dresses!

Blair said...

I adore your dirndl!! ..Why can't people wear things like this every day?


Anne said...

thanks for your sweet comment ! I love this post . Especially the blue dress with flowers. The collors are so beautifull! I add'ed you to my bloglist !

Styleseeking Zurich said...

i really love the first dress!
the vibrant blue is truly beautiful~
and thank you so much for your sweet comment : )

mi ji

Char.Lotte said...

the design on that first velvety dress is so beautiful!

sktan said...
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paola said...

thanks fot taggin me! i love everything, and the first dress, the blue one, is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!

josie(bean) said...

omgosh that $6.88 coat is not just a steal but absolutely adorable as well! i love the intricate inner lining and detailed hem. very cute overall blog :D

josie(bean) said...

oh and also i have a zebra skirt just like yours from h&m...good taste! hehe

fashiongeometry said...

that coat is fabulous! im jealous you got it for less than $7! and i love all the dresses you have here :)

Amelia said...

This is such a great tag! I love the first dress (amazing color and cut-outs) and your airplane dress. It's fun to see other people's favorite clothes--sort of a window into their personality.

chie said...

the blue cut out dress is so cute! i sew something similar at an online vintage shop a while ago!

n a t a l i e said...

Thanks for checking out my blog :)

The dirndl is so neat looking! F21 always has some great basic things like that blue dress that you can wear with everything. And I absolutely love the airplane dress! And that's amazing that you got that coat for less than $7, I'd feel bad for whoever actually spent the $139 haha.

Now I'm inspired to go out and get more dresses!

Maria said...

The purple skirt is gorgeous and I love the way you wear it as a dress. *

Becca Joy said...

Oh my gosh so much clothes! I love the blue cut out dress, very cute!

kate said...

I enjoyed reading this post. Very entertaining and creative! :)


a cat of impossible colour said...

What a great idea for a tag!

Little Bo Peeep said...

Ahh loving the dresses under the travelling and the 40s one!

cyndicated said...

The floral dress looks great on you!

Sarah said...

I love that yellow ruffle cardigan. And your dirndl. And your amazingly priced coat! Your blue velvet dress is so pretty. Which reminds me, I think this summer we should attempt to make a blue velvet cake together! Will you tag me for a closet awards post, this rocks!!

Eleonore said...

i love the first blue dress!