Thursday, June 25, 2009

Send Me On My Way

A thoroughly Matilda inspired day when summer almost started to feel like summer. On Tuesday, I went to Lily's wearing my previously thrifted 'Miss Honey' dress. 1,083 pictures (!) and this is all that ensued...

In the morning, I went to Borders. I read a bit of My Sister's Keeper and skimmed the discount bins (the cheapest holding books for a dollar a piece), but nothing seemed particularly worth buying and my mom had told me earlier to refrain myself anyway.

I was however thoroughly amused at how many magazines I saw that I did not know existed...Cat Fancy, Modern Dog, Rabbits USA? Who knew?
When we got to Lily's house, we were recruited to take Wink for a walk.
Lil had a staring contest with a tree on the way. She says she won, but I'm not so sure.
I thought it seemed very nice to go kayaking.

We found these shoes on the bridge. A couple of hours later when we were driving home from dinner, they were still sitting there getting soaked by the pouring rain.

This was before it melted all over my hands and down my arms. Still, it was delicious (albeit a little hard to handle.)

Thrifted (and immediately deemed the Miss Honey) dress, Payless shoes, Forever 21 sunglasses, & Forever 21 strawberry necklace.
I told Lily to be Allison from ANTM. No one can quite pull it off like she can!

Inspired by the final scene in Matilda (about 7 minutes into the clip), we hula-hooped it up. Lil actually used to be a bit of a champion.

Lily bidding farewell to her namesake.
Later that evening, we went to see my guitar teacher, JP, play. He writes a lot of his own songs, but at his gigs around here he can't really play his own stuff. Instead, he plays more Oasis, Beatles, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. However, when he was in London with his girlfriend, he was getting lots of gigs and he got a better reaction to his own stuff than the covers of classic hits. If you're interested in hearing some of his songs, you can check him out here. Go under audio to hear some samples of his work--'Free World' is one of my favorites.

Hope everyone is finding summer to feel like summer!
Have a lovely Thursday,


blorange dice said...

these pictures are BEAUTIFUL!! you are quite the photographer, madame. it looks like you had such a fun, pretty day!

haha, and rabbits USA made me laugh (:

Annie said...

your miss honey dress is GLORIOUS. love the picture with all the roses!
you are fantastically photogenic, by the way, and I totally dig your shades.

Rosie Unknown said...

Amazing pictures! I love your dress!

•¦Amy¦• said...

I loved the photographs! Marvelous!
So very pretty. <3

Shin said...

I love, love your blog! You seem to have the most amazing group of friends and a wonderful family! I love the pictures by the way! xxoxoxo

heleen db said...

WOW that's one giant ice-cream! :D and you have the most beautiful hair, girl!

Nathalia said...

Great shots :-)

proudly says, said...

i love all photos!
just wondering if you used photoshop to edit your pics. they are really nice.
you both are so pretty and i like your outfits!

Danielle said...

That's a cute dress. You take so man good pictures!

Miss Eve said...

Such a lovely post with a lots of beautiful pictures...those ones with the dotted umbrella are definitely the shots of the year!!!! And how fun is to follow your day in pictures...You absolutely inspired me for making a post like this.

Thanks so much and have a great weekend, much love: Evi

Jamie said...

Love the pictures!

jules said...

these are such fun pictures, I love the miss honey dress!

Damsels said...

love that floral dress
and hooray for hopscotch
We Were Damsels
we really appreciate you stopping by our blog we love every comment makes us smile : )

Suzanne said...

thanks! what a lovely dress, and waht an adorable glasses!

katie said...

I love your blog and the pictures and that smiley cheeseburger. It's making me happy.


asunlitday said...

You take such lovely pictures! I wish I had a hula hoop now haha.

GracieFrances; said...

those pictures are beautiful.
i really like the black and white ones when you are doing handstands. (:

lovely blog.

GracieFrances; said...

haha, woops.

Amelia said...

This is such a great post! Very summer-y. I love the lavender sunnies and the pic with the boats.

Slanelle said...

it seems to have been so much fun !

Emlyn said...

all these pictures are beautiful! Thanks for the comment, it means a lot :)
I love the Miss Honey inspiration, I totally see it. Everyone should have a teacher like Miss Honey, I was lucky to when I was five.
Where ever you live, looks like a beautiful place to be.

kiss me quick said...

wow, those pictures are soo cute. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun ^^

lovely post

xxx from kissmequick

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

hey! thanx for your comment! :-)
lovely post :))))
you have a beautiful smile ! :)

Sarah said...

This looks like a lovely time! So summery! I love your dress and your shades. And your umbrella. Your pictures are always amazing.

Hayley said...

these photos are so wonderful! that ice cream cone looked delicious, despite the gravity-defying size! haha