Thursday, June 11, 2009

Random Musings & Otherwise

What I’d like to be watching
I’ve been listening to the Spring Awakening soundtrack non stop for the past couple of weeks. Almost this time last year I was seeing it for my first time. It was...well, words just do not describe! My favorite songs are All That’s Known, Touch Me, and Blue Wind/Don’t Do Sadness. But they’re all fabulous. Bitch of Living has an incredibly amount of energy (and is the scene shown above in the photo.) Why oh why did you have to close, Spring Awakening? Although luckily, I was fortunate enough to see it twice.
First in July with Lily….

And then for the second time in December for Sarah’s 16th birthday. That was when we got lots of people in the cast to sign our program including the lovely Hunter Parrish (!)

He was a sweetheart.
Did anyone else get a chance to see it?

Where I’d like to be

The picture by Éole says it all.
What I’d like to be doing

Ah, yes. My dream to jump off a rope swing into a beautiful lake. The not yet realized but one of my most perfect, everlasting images of summer.
Photo courtesy of Stas Milksonov.

Who I’d like to be...even if just for a day

The beautiful city, the fabulous umbrella, the rainy weather...and then of course her chic self. I would not mind to be in her shoes right now.
Photo courtesy Bob Flounders.

Who I’d like to spend a week with

He is amazing.

What I’d like to be eating
One of Eileen Blake's delicious pies. I miss her.

And now, enough with the otherwise and onto a couple of random musings...

I wonder how it would feel to run up a tree like a squirrel. I mean of course Sarah did it in the picture I must ask her how it felt. Must Or at least very very cool. I suppose squirrels are just used to it though.

Why is your identity completely concealed when you throw on a mask?
Like, superheros, Cinderella…I mean, just because part of your forehead and nose is covered, no one knows who you are?
I want to attend a masquerade and see how well my identity being totally concealed works out…I would really love if it did, actually.
Ooh, wouldn’t it be so much fun if the blogger world all met together for a masquerade? That would be the most fantastic event that ever existed.
Well, on that note, I must go do homework (only five more days left)!
Hope everyone is enjoying their week,


ann said...

great pictures, I love the masks in the last one :D

paola said...

i'de like to be doing and eating those things as well :(

Mary said...

You always have the best pictures! I love your sense of style and general positive misdemeanor, what cuteness!
PS: I totally have the "fabulour 40s" dress mentioned in the post below, hehe!

n a t a l i e said...

I've never seen Spring Awakening, but my friend Annie is obsessed with basically all musicals, so chances are she has haha. It looks good! Plus that's awesome that you got the cast's autographs.

Come to think of it, swinging off a rope into a lake is a must-have summer memory that I still haven't had yet either! Now I'm determined to change that.

That's true about the masquerade though, does just covering part of your nose really conceal your whole identity? Or are people at masquerades just a little... not smart? Haha, it would be cool to go to one. The pictures and masks in them are fabulous!

Anna said...

Ghehe, I also wouldn't mind doing that (:

Fashion Victim said...

Yeah, that was me for sure. Burg Schwaneck 2008.
Mandys, Milanas and John& Richie :)

Fashion Victim said...

John& Richie were like the funniest people on this planet.
Too bad we'e lost connection. :(
Thanks for the compliment.

Stacy said...

loove the masks! and jumping off a rope into a river looks like SO much fun

chie said...

oh i would love to jump over the lake like that! it looks sooo good in the pic!!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

cute picture :)

Ash Fox said...

love those masks!