Monday, August 24, 2009

"Hey, that's a nice dress. Can I talk you out of it?"

So, true to my word, here is my post about my most recent city adventures on Friday. Sarah and I went in to visit our friend Laura in Brooklyn. The night before we had a reunion with our three friends Becky, Lineth, and Lily and had then slept over at Lil's, so we left from there to catch the train. After coming home on a 7:14 train, we dropped Sarah off at home and then I headed straight to my friend Sabrina's house. Her two brothers both had friends over so we had a pretty intense game of Taboo. My team (Fourtility) lost and then a very long fight ensued over the rules of the game, but it was really fun. It was a non-stop day, but that's what summer's all about, you know? Or maybe it's supposed to be about relaxing? Hmm

I got this dress at Goodwill. Lily, Sarah, and I ducked in for a look and we met a woman who said it made her so happy to see us interested in vintage clothes and that she would be opening a shop in the neighborhood. Just as we were getting ready to leave, she ran over carrying this dress and said she could totally see me in it. I don't think I ever would have picked it up otherwise, but I'm always up for trying things on and after a visit into the dressing room, I decided I really loved it. So thanks to her find and a spare 6 dollars, an outfit was formed for the trip into the city!

American Colonies, mocha frappuccino, and a camera case! Whoo.

Sarah's clearly a night creature...

and I like to twirl...

and hail subways.

I asked her to be high fashion on the subway stairs. I believe that she rose to the challenge.

Oh, right. My motorcycle...hmm, well I guess it's out of gas. I'll take it to work tomorrow.
We headed straight out to the garden when we got to the apartment.
Sarah stole my camera for the next two shots as Laura filled me in on a German friend in DC.

Wouldn't really be a complete day without self timer, now would it?

Apartment 225! Though of course my enthusiastic gesture to this is covering the fact...

Sarah could spend a day chasing around the dogs of the city...and I would probably be running behind her documenting it.

We saw the most beautiful couple in the world. I know I've said this before, but now I really really mean it! I've rewritten Mary Jo Salter's 'Boulevard Du Montparnasse' a little bit to match. I've entitled it...
Across The Street From The Restaurant We Were Looking For
Once, on a street in Little Italy, I saw
the most beautiful couple in the world.
They were each the single most beautiful thing in the world.
She would have been nineteen, perhaps; he twenty-four.
Their skin was not the same shade,
yet they complimented one another effortlessly,
as if that was their duty on Earth: To simply match one another
with his burnt tuscan and her impossible creamy pale.
And they walked by, looking like they had just been
photographed by The Satorialist, and now
another camera was most surprisingly being
stuck in their face.
She was lazily fanning herself with a 4 dollar paper fan,
but she made it look like it was crafted of the
finest material this side of Chinatown and
had cost 700 dollars, at least.
They glanced at the camera inquisitively,
as if they had never had their picture taken before that day,
although they must have already been snapped up by
ten tourists that day, all who assumed that they must be a celebrity couple (whose names they were just having trouble placing at the moment.)
I thought: Mary Jo Salter wrote a poem for exactly
this moment, for when I saw such a couple.
And although Sarah and I had every urge
to follow them down the street, we
hesitated. And so then, in that moment of doubt,
they were gone, as if they were
fairy dust, meant to make things just a little bit
more magical, but never to linger for too long.

Within a couple of moments from the sky being a beautiful blue and white, the forecasted thunderstorm started to brew.

I can hardly express how much I love when this happens. I want it to last forever, this limbo between the sunshine and the rain.

We ducked for cover at Pinkberry where I got pomegranate yogurt.
When we decided we were ready to brave the rain, we saw that there was an even cooler place right next store: a shop that solely sold rice pudding!
Sarah got caramel and gave me a taste. It was delicious.
I couldn't tell if this guy was trying to hit on this girl or if they were dating. But in any case, much to my embarrassment, he caught me trying to document it all!

We ducked into Top Shop and tried on shoes. Basically everywhere you looked there was a glorious sale rack, and I ended up walking away with an 18 dollar pair of jeans.
Oh and finally! I will get to doing my Kreativ Blogger tag, gifted from Sarah. Thanks again, girl!

1. I think of everything as a souvenir. It’s a mentality far beyond being a pack rat. Like, I’ve come back from Europe with napkins from restaurants, cereal tops, chocolate wrappers, metro cards people left on the ground…it’s a problem. I still have a water bottle from Vermont that’s 3 quarters of the way filled and a bag of sand from Martha’s Vineyard. Oh dear. But I love all my useless things anyway.
2. I have a Barbie umbrella from my childhood that I still like to use. In fact, it is chilling out on the door handle to my room right now. Makes it easy to grab on my way out into the rain!
3. Lava lamps are really entertaining. I mean…to a point. But still. Don’t let anyone try to tell you otherwise.
4. I talk to myself. I didn’t realize how much until the people at work started being like “What? What’d you say?” and then I just have to admit, “Oh nope, just talking to myself.” Which I guess it’s something that everyone does (right?) but really, this issue has only been increased due to the fact that my job is to be a waitress. Like I have this ongoing (and out loud) chant of “bacon quiche, no asparagus, extra fruit but no melon…hey I wonder why she doesn’t like melon! Oh and iced tea.”
5. I want to be Pam of Pam and Jim. Like, I cried when Jim cried in season two of the Office. I need a Jim Halpert in my life.
6. I’ve always wanted a sister. I would ask my mom when I was younger and say that I wouldn’t ever ask for anything for Christmas again if I could just have a baby sister or brother. I’m grateful for my older brother and I love him, but I always wanted tons of siblings. I think that’s why I want so many kids, so they can have what I (believe that I) missed out on.
7. I love pick up lines. Like I said, after I came home from the city, I went to Sabrina’s where her brothers and their friends were reciting different pick up lines. After they commented on my incredibly red dress (which just made me blush a red I didn’t even know was possible,) I asked them what they had as far as pick up lines went. One of them said “Hey, that’s a nice dress. Can I talk you out of it?” I just love it. Sabrina’s mom said that I would be easy because most girls hate pick up lines, but really they just make me laugh like crazy. If a guy is actually brave enough to try one of them out, I think it’s worth at least a conversation for the effort!
Alrighty, enough from me!
Hope everyone's week is going well so far,


E said...

I love the patterns in your outfits! So pretty and summery!

Annie said...

you guys are wearing such groovy outfits, I loooove it.


michellehendra said...

totally great time!


•¦Amy¦• said...

how fun! I feel like I was there!

great photos!

Adela said...

what a great dress!

Sammi said...

Wow, lot to read...but it seems really fun.

Kara said...

Omg, I love the dress/belt thing that's trendy lately. I bought a dress on sale at Target today for $9 ONLY BECAUSE I could picture it with a belt. Yum!

Nadia Fadhila said...

looks like a great day and definitely fab skirt. Nice to visit your blog :)

natalie said...

I love the dress, and for only six buckaroos too! Bargains make everything just a little bit better ;D I really like Sarah's dress/outfit too! The subway pictures are really cool looking. And they do look like a pretty splendid couple, I wonder if they noticed you photographing them and wondered why haha? Pomegranate yogurt sounds so good... and so does rice pudding! Gah, I wish we had those kinds of places here :P That's hilarious that the guy caught you creeping on them, hahaha :D

Great pictures as usual, and it looks like you had a very fun and eventful day :)

Lava lamps ARE quite entertaining! And being an only child, I've always wanted a sibling too :/ That's true, pick up lines are hilariously cheesey that I would actually talk to the guy just because, hahaha....

Sher said...

what a fun outing you documented in pictures! The couple looks very stylish indeed:)

_nina_malvada_ said...

nice stilist people...

like both of your dresses.. :)

Amelia said...

That red dress is so cool! I adore the print. This sounds like a seriously amazing day.

Taryn said...

ahh all these pictures make me miss my NYC trip sooo much! we spent a lot of time walking exactly where you were...throughout Little Italy and by rice to riches and topshop. Looks like a super fun day


Hello Sylvia!

You are so sweet, you know?
I do love all here, It´s so nice to have fun with friends! I love your pics so much!
Thanks a lot for your kind message! I do love NYC and make new friends!

Let´s keep in touch!

kisses and hugs,


Rebecca, The Clothes Horse said...

You look adorable. I think the red dress is fantastic on you.

Nature Grafitti said...

so, so cute!!
I love the blog... I'll definitely be back

Meaghan Kelly said...

wow! it sounds like you had an absolutely fantastic day!! and it's so cute that the woman at goodwill ran out with the dress that she specifically thought would look good on you! !:D
what a sweet woman! and she was right!

Parapluie said...

The dress looks wonderful!

suzannah said...

thankyou ever so much for your comment dear, and these pictures are so lovely ♥

Anna G said...

I wish I love on the East Coast. I over heard some people at a restaurant talking about how easy it was to move around their. How amazing is Pinkberry? I've never gone to one. :(

I hope you have a lovely time exploring.

heleen said...

You all look amazing and seems like you had the most marvellous time!

Isabel said...

That dress is so beautiful! I really love it.

Hayley said...

looks like you had an amazing time! i love NYC(:
also, you took some incredible photos!

Grace said...

The male from the beautiful couple looks familiar.

Love Grace.

CMA said...

im absolutely in love with this
beautiful inspiration
such fun pictures, fun colors and photography

check out my blog @

Bella said...

Soooo many amazing shots... and the dress is absolutely gorgeous! I love the color and fun pattern.

Looks like you were we having the best time! xx

Flashes of Style said...

This looks like so much fun! And you all look adorable :)

Adela said...

i would love to see another post! =)

Mouthwash said...

aaah! your blog is so much fun! I loved all your photos. It looks like you two had so much fun! Love it. Your dress is amazing too!


Rosie Unknown said...

I love the pictures! You look great.

Yay for talking to yourself!

jointjumble said...

Thank you so much for commenting on our blog:) Looks like you like to have ALOT of fun too.Great outfits xx

frances said...

love your photos! x

Darrah said...

What a crazy day!! I'm very glad to have found your blog, and am equally glad that the woman at Goodwill talked you into that dress. It looks adorable on you!

Beatriz said...

nice photos!
i really like your blog *

kirstyb said...

i love both those dresses and the white jeans are fab great photos btw

John said...

Not sure how I got here, but a great post and blog - wonderful photography and spirit.

Simpli-c-t said...

love the pattern on your dress..